Fairyloot October – STEAMPUNK REBELLION Unboxing

Hey Guys!

Today’s post is FINALLY my unboxing of October’s Fairyloot box which had the theme ‘STEAMPUNK REBELLION’. I was very excited for this box because the description said it would be perfect for fans of The Infernal Devices and if you know me you know I adore Cassandra Clare and The Infernal Devices is one of my favourite trilogies.

A picture of this months box:


So what goodies did this month’s box hold?

Metal Town (Hardcover) by Kristen Simmons
Signed Book Plate
Letter from the Author
Press Back Badge

The Clockwork Ring by – Cogs and Curiosities

Butterfly Necklace from Fairyloot

Washi Tape with a steampunk design from Fairyloot

Elias Lip Balm by – Behind the Pages 
The lipbalm has a cinnamon spicy scent to it, which is perfect for the winter months.

Magnetic Bookmark – Jem (TID) By – Happy Hello Co
Again Fairyloot sent out two different types of the bookmark’s either Will or Jem, Will is my absolute favourite character but Jem is so gosh darn cute. I still love it. 

The Clockwork Angel Quote Tea-towel by –Read at Midnight

Dauntless Candle by –Meraki Candles
I believe Fairyloot sent out 6 different types of candles in their boxes and I can’t believe I was lucky enough to get Dauntless. I love Dauntless for Tris and Four meet there and their love story is one of my favourite 

As you can see this months box included a TON of stuff. I know I said this last time but I am continuously blown away by the amount of goodies you get in the Fairyloot box. It is definitely amazing value for money, it arrives beautifully packaged and prompt and it just keeps getting BETTER AND BETTER!

My favourite item of this months box?


The Clockwork Angel quote featured on the tea-towel which I will be pinning up in my bedroom because it’s absolutely gorgeous. I adore this quote, I apologize for the creased look of the tea-towel as I was too excited to go iron it neatly before I took this photo! 

Whats unique about Fairyloot?

Alongside the goodies, Fairyloot also give you a little card with a special hashtag on so you can search for a fellow reader with your hashtag. This could be your reading buddy so you can discuss and read the book together!

As well as this Fairyloot also do a Twitter Chat with the authors and fellow FairyLooters so everyone can answer questions, hear the authors thoughts and just chat books for the night!

You can be sure I ordered the November box which has the theme Royals and Rogues!

This box is perfect for you if you like princesses, magical powers, exotic kingdoms, mythical creatures and princes with hearts of gold.

Let me know if you received this Fairyloot Box, I would love to hear your thoughts and if you received any of the other candles or bookmarks!

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