10 YA series I never got round to reading

I’ve mentioned this before but I’ve always felt like the Book Community is one which is so fast paced and constantly moving that it’s so hard to keep up with the new releases. I was recently introduced to The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon and as I began to read the first book, I thought a post linked to the 10 series I never got round to reading would be a fun idea!

Each of these series were so popular and hyped on booktube and in the book community in the past, but I never got round to reading them before the next popular series came along!

Here are my 10 YA series I never got round to reading…

  • The Selection series by Keira CassGoodreads | Amazon
  • Beautiful Creatures series by Kami Garcia & Margaret StohlGoodreads | Amazon
  • The Young Elites series by Marie Lu Goodreads | Amazon
  • The Darkest Minds series by Alexandra BrackenGoodreads | Amazon
  • The Diviners series by Libba BrayGoodreads | Amazon

    The Diviners is definitely a series near the top of my TBR. (Once i’ve gone through the books I own) The synopsis sounds so interesting as it seems to be a mixture of YA historical fiction and paranormal.
  • Legend series by Marie Lu Goodreads | Amazon
  • Hush Hush series by Becca FitzpatrickGoodreads | Amazon
  • The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer series by Michelle HodkinGoodreads | Amazon
  • The Iron Fey series by Julie KagawaGoodreads | Amazon
  • Scythe series by Neal ShustermanGoodreads | Amazon

    I actually previously tried to read Legend before but I couldn’t get into it. I read Warcross by Marie Lu and really enjoyed that but Legend wasn’t something I could get into for some reason. I’m very intrigued by The Iron Fey and Scythe series though, they might be series I try in the future!

Let me know in the comments the series which you never got round to reading or if you think I should definitely give some of these a try!

9 thoughts on “10 YA series I never got round to reading

  1. The only series I have read from this post are The Selection and Scythe! The Selection was okay in my opinion. I loved Scythe so so much though so I would highly recommend that one! And I really want to read a book by Marie Lu!

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    1. I will look at Scythe then definitely if you recommend it! I think I once tried to start The Selection but gave up in a couple of pages, it’s so hyped so I want to try but also quite a hefty series now isn’t it!


    1. I’m so glad i’m not the only one that hasn’t read these series! I definitely want to get round to Diviners, I keep seeing it everywhere but I can’t buy any books until i’ve read some I own… Self book buying ban 😂


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