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Today’s post is a Survival Guide to Reading Slumps, Me and Reading Slumps go together like chocolate and cake. I constantly go through Reading Slumps which I think is a result of studying English Literature, the sheer amount of books and secondary reading I have to do for studying is overwhelming and every now and again I just can’t deal with the sight of a book!
Sometimes my reading slumps are also brought on by book hangovers, finishing a book I didn’t want to end or even a sad book i.e Me Before You. Here are some tips to get over that SLUMP!

Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days. When our mothers sang us to sleep but now were stressed out…

                                                        Read your favourite book

Whenever I attempt to read my favourite book to get me out of a reading slump I go for a contemporary read, such as Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover. Something that doesn’t require me to think too much but I know I will end up Happy at the end.  Reading your favourite book will ignite memories of the first time you read it and fill you (hopefully) with the reading bug again!

Audible and Audio Books

Don’t have the time to actually sit down and read a book? Why not grab an audio book and listen to one instead? You could listen while you work, clean or even drive therefore removing the stress you pile on yourself to actually pick up a book.

Watch Booktube!

Youtube is full of Book Related videos, from reviews to hauls to tags. Whenever I’m at a loss for a book I always catch up with the booktubers to see what they are reading these days. I think watching someone get so excited over a particular book makes you want to get back into those feelings as well and before you know it you’ll either be ordering a new book or have one in your hands to read!

Check out some Book Blogs!

Like Youtube, Book Blogs can inspire you back into reading. Whenever I am in a reading slump I go through different book blogs and just immerse myself into the posts, I love hearing what my fellow book lovers think about a book and I usually end up getting a ton of recommendations that make me want to pick up a book again. 


Instagram is similar to Youtube, it’s a place where you will find a lot of inspiration. I scour through the many pictures daily looking at the beautiful book shots… Wishing I could take pictures like them too of course.  Instagram is what enticed me into trying Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur and it’s one of my favourite reads this year!

Go to the Library or local Bookstore

Simply surrounding yourself with things you love, in a place you enjoy can get you out of your reading slump. A trip to my local library or bookstore always manages to cheer me up and make me want to pick up a book. You don’t have to buy anything, just take a browse through the stacks and flick through the many books. 

Explore another Genre

The reason you don’t look forward to picking up a book might be because you fancy a change, some new tropes and plot lines to lose yourself in. It’s not that you don’t like your favourite genre anymore, you just have immersed yourself in it for so long you might be a little sick of it. I’ve been through it myself and I moved onto incorporating New Adult books into my YA reading patterns then onto Thrillers such as Girl on The Train or Crime novels like The Cuckoos Calling. 


If you’re feeling stressed then don’t force yourself to sit down and read a book. You probably just need a break, a moment to relax and recollect yourself. I have to do that a-lot and if that’s the case then my advice to you is put a film on, get in the bath, have your fave food close by and just have a chill out session. Don’t worry about getting behind in your reading, your posts or any challenges. You’ll be reading again in no time!

So there are my tips for Surviving a Reading Slump and getting through it, let me know what you do in order to overcome a reading slump and how often you go through them yourselves!



  1. Great tips! Fortunately, I don’t get myself into a lot of reading slumps, but I do this every time I don’t want to read … I never tried any audio books, tho, but I’d like to try someday 😛

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