What Book Generation are you?

As I make my return to book blogging, I thought it would be interesting to start a tag called ‘What book generation are you?’ There might be one like this already floating about but since I’ve been gone for a year I’m not familiar with any. The book community is one that changes constantly as their are always so many new books being released and new trends and I was thinking how it would be amazing to find out the book generation we each grew up on. For some it might be Harry Potter, Twilight or even A Court of Thorns and Roses (just to give examples).

Here are the sets of questions I chose and which I would love for you to answer if you would like to get involved too! Let’s begin shall we….

Growing up, we never really ordered anything online as it wasn’t really a big thing so when big book releases came along like Harry Potter, we would stand outside the shop on release day waiting to be let in, in the hopes we got our hands on the latest book!

I would always go along with my Sister and Dad to get the latest Harry Potter, even though I didn’t read them. I didn’t get started with Harry Potter until later on in life.

I remember my Primary School would take part in World Book Day and we were allowed to come to school dressed as our favourite book characters. For me, every single time it would be Esmerelda from the Hunchback of Notre Dome. I had tons of Disney books when I was younger and my family would read them to me before bed.

Growing up, the first author which I remember reading religiously and who I would constantly look for the next book in the school library, was Jacqueline Wilson. She had so many different types of stories and I used to love finding out her next release.

Thinking about it now, I remember reading Love Lessons which was such an odd topic for a young girl. I remember the school girl falling in love with her Teacher and she tried to kiss him and she bought underwear to wear for him… yeah that was an odd one.

Despite going along with my Sister to the book releases for Harry Potter, I never actually read them until I was older. The first series I read was Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I was a little behind everyone and I didn’t start reading them until the release of the first movie, but I binged that series. I got so addicted that there was once a time, I could not sleep if I hadn’t watched part of the movie or read the book… I loved it that much.

After reading Twilight, the reading bug had well and truly bit me. To me there is no better feeling than finding that book you can’t put down and I wanted to find that fix again, so since I was in a big Vampire mood, I tried The Morganville Vampire series by Rachel Caine. This one is a little underrated and I don’t know many people that have read it but I ADORED IT. It has a bunch of books in its series so it was perfect for me to binge and even better, they were in The Works (a discounted book store) so I could buy three for £5!

From there I got hooked onto The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare and then so many series followed after that.

I think I probably had another favourite book before Twilight but in terms of my favourite characters, I can’t think of what came before Bella so I will have to choose Bella. I think part of me liked her so much because she was quiet and awkward and it felt like me.

As my favourite series was Twilight you can probably guess what I am going to say here… but was I Team Edward or Team Jacob…

I was Team Edward, my favourite couple was Bella and Edward. I loved them together and I remember hating New Moon because of their break up, my favourite bits were the ending. The next series I read was The Morganville Vampire series and my next favourite couple was Claire and Shane.

So there we have it, my little set of questions to start the tag ‘What Book Generation are you.’

I would love for you to take part and tag me in your posts so that I can find out more about you and what books got you into reading!

13 thoughts on “What Book Generation are you?

      1. It’s so interesting to think about them now we’re older, I realise how odd some of the storylines are like the Love Lessons I mentioned in my post how she wanted to try seduce her art teacher x

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  1. This was certainly me too. Whilst I had more of an animal book obsession, I did also read a lot of Jacqueline Wilson books from my library, my personal favourite being Sleepovers.

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    1. Thank you so much for commenting Emma. You just jogged a memory to return, I remember reading a book with a dolphin on the front and I loved it. There was tons of books by this author all about animals. I wish I knew her name now! x


  2. So happy to see you post again! I would do the tag, but I feel like things were too different in my country. There was no queuing or pre-ordering of books and I didn’t even know people dressed up as characters for world book day? And everything else can mostly be answered with the Inkworld Trilogy and Cornelia Funke haha

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