A Very Potter Week – 20th Anniversary!

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Hello everyone!

As you may or may not know Monday 26th June 2017 marks the 20th Anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. 20 Years. Can you believe that?
20 years ago I was 2 years old and doing what I don’t know. But 20 Years ago J.K Rowling and Bloomsbury brought Harry Potter and Hogwarts alive and the story is so iconic that it is still loved today.

Can we just take a moment to acknowledge that J.K Rowling has sold more than 450 Million Copies in 79 Languages. She is the first person to be taken off the Forbes richest person list because of how much money she gave to charity, she has set up Lumos and changed a-lot of our lives. So to mark the 20th Anniversary I am going to be doing ‘A Very Potter Week!’ Leading up to the 26th June.

This week is going to be filled with fun posts and of course I will be re-reading the books. Although the books will most definitely take me longer than a week to read so it may turn into a Very Potter Month for me…  Here are a few sneak peeks on what you can expect.

Harry Potter Week schedule

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I have a bunch of posts already planned but if you would like to see anything in particular then comment below with your ideas. 

Have a magical week Guys and remember DON’T LET THE MUGGLES GET YOU DOWN.



My Dream Reading Space/ Library

Hey Guys!

Today’s post is going to be something different and super fun.
I’m going to do a post on designing my dream reading room and library based on the company Arhaus.
Arhaus is an American company which provides an array of furniture, lighting and all your home needs. They also use natural materials which is something you don’t see very often with most big furniture retailers. I love that they use organic and natural materials.

I am not being paid or sponsored to do this post. I thought the idea was fun and I  wanted to get creative and come up with my own Dream Reading Space!

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Discussion: TBR lists – Do they Help or Hinder you?

Today I want to do a discussion on TBR lists and whether they help or hinder your reading experience.

TBR lists also known as ‘To Be Read’ lists for those of you who may not be familiar with them are extremely popular throughout the reading community. Each month many people post or video their choice of books to read that month but for me TBR’s have always been both a blessing and a curse.

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Summer Reading Plan

Hey Guys!

Guess who’s back?! Gosh how I have missed my blog, reading and talking to you guys. As you know I have been on a hiatus so that I could concentrate on finishing up third year and as of the other day (16th) I am officially done with my undergraduate degree. *Cue Tears* This means this will be my first summer I can read freely without having a big reading list to get done before September. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with my life now. I guess I’ll decide after graduation but I do have a reading plan!

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Tips to help relieve your Anxiety.

Hey Guys,

So recently I did a post on my Anxiety, it was called Anxiety – My Story. Here I told you a bit about my Anxiety, how long I had it before I seeked help and some of my experiences. The response I had to that post was amazing and I want to thank everyone who liked, commented and shared their support. From that post I asked if anybody would like me to do a post on how I dealt with my anxiety before seeking medical help and a few of you said you would like to see that so here it is.

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Where to buy cheap books?

Hey Guys!

Today I want to bring you a post about Book Shopping. Books are a luxury and  a privilege for many. We all know they can be so expensive so I wanted to do a post on websites I use for Book Shopping, hopefully I can help you get a good deal on your next book haul!

When buying books I tend to do a search of an array of websites before I click buy on one particular one. I always go where I can find it cheapest unless I have finished a book with a cliffhanger and need it the next day, in that case Amazon is my best friend for one-day delivery.

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Women who inspire me #1 – Zoe Sugg | Zoella

Hey Guys.

So I have already posted today but that was a scheduled post and I suddenly got inspired and I really wanted to get this up.  I want to kick off a new segment on my blog; Women from social media who inspire me or perhaps Women who Inspire me… First up I decided I wanted to do YouTuber/blogger/ author/ business woman – Zoella aka Zoe Sugg. I chose Zoe first because 1) it’s her birthday today so I wanted to show my appreciation on her special day (also it’s my mums birthday but she beat my mum to this post hands down…kidding I love my mum but she’s not a social media star) and 2) I watch her everyday and she’s a big influence in my life.

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Fashion for a Slytherin – Hogwarts House Inspired Fashion Series.

Or perhaps in Slytherin,
You’ll make your real friends,
Those cunning folk use any means,
To achieve their ends.

Today’s post is going to be something new!
Firstly I want to clarify that this post is not sponsored or endorsed by Regal Rose or any other brand. I simply loved what I found on the website and found inspiration for a post and wanted to share!

The Story behind the post…

I was recently checking my email when I saw I had one from the Jewellery Site Regal Rose. I adore this website and regularly pour over it to check out their jewellery. The email they sent me is what struck my inspiration bug to make an appearance as it was celebrating St.Patricks Day therefore showcasing their wonderfully green items. When I saw some of them I couldn’t help but think Slytherin so I decided I wanted to do a ‘Book Look’ of sorts by doing a post on ‘Fashion for a Slytherin’.

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Anxiety – My Story.

Today I want to do something which isn’t about books, but Mental Health. Mental Health is so important to me and its something that seems to be such a Taboo topic and it honestly shouldn’t be. I want to use this post today to talk about my story with my Anxiety and I hope it helps someone in some way. I won’t go into crazy detail so I’ll try to keep this concise and to the point for you all. 

Admitting you have Anxiety may be one of the hardest things you ever do. Getting help about Anxiety or any mental health is another hard thing. It can feel like the loneliest time in your life, even if your surrounded by friends and family offering support. Sometimes being surrounded by people can make it harder because they don’t understand.

I’ve had anxiety for a very long time but it wasn’t until I was about 19 that I really understood what it was I had. I suppose my first anxious thoughts started when I was 11, up until this point I was out-going. I would have sleepovers with my friends and family, go out with my friends into town but then my mum went into hospital for an operation. She was only in for a little while perhaps a week? It was so long ago that I can’t remember exactly in my mind the details, which makes it so weird that it still affects me today. Following on from my mum being away in hospital is when it all started. I wouldn’t be able to have sleepovers because I would make myself sick with worry and I would cry a lot. I think it’s because I had this fear of something happening to my family. Home became my safe zone. If I was at home I was fine. Sleepovers became a no go for me, which is hard when you’re a young girl about to go into Secondary school and make new friends because sleepovers were the norm, a right of passage you might say.

Then it became into something else…trips out became scary, I would stay up all night the night before a day out crying and worrying. Sometimes I would wake up the next day and be ok and feel like I could go but they were rare times. For years I just let my anxiety rule what I could and couldn’t do. I made excuses along the way to drop out of things. Fast forward until I’m 18 and my friends are organizing a holiday together. It sounded amazing at first and I even got excited but I was kidding myself because then the plans became real and I couldn’t do it. So I dropped out and they went.

The thing with my anxiety seems to be, it has good months and bad months. One summer when I was 19 going towards 20, I was able to go out on nights out with my friends and have fun. Have sleepovers and I even attended a 3 day music festival which meant camping in a field for three days. BREAKTHROUGH? For three days it was.
The summer broke and now I’m 22 and back to how I was. I can no longer really drink alcohol because I have this intense fear attached to it that I am going to be sick because of it. I have a phobia of being sick as well, match that with how much of a hypochondriac I am and you can just imagine my mind.

Last year is when I finally decided enough was enough. I needed to get myself to the doctor after years of my friends begging me to go. I never went because I was scared they would tell me something was wrong with me? I just want to be normal I would tell myself and I truly had this fear that I wasn’t normal until very recently. I felt like an outsider and part of that is because mental illness is never talked about. Not once during my time at school did I ever get taught about mental illness. I live in a small town and only until recently has there been any sign of a counselling service here.

The final breaking point for me was the fact I could barely go to university anymore, I would have anxiety attacks every morning on the train. I would miss a lot of days. I couldn’t go to the cinema, I couldn’t handle going into the town where I lived because I started thinking I would suddenly get sick.
My anxiety comes with physical symptoms of being sick and I have stomach aches so the fear of suddenly getting sick isn’t some fair fetched phobia because it would happen nearly everytime.

So I finally booked an appointment for when my parents were on holiday. It was the scariest thing I have ever done, I didn’t tell anybody about it. I didn’t want them hovering over me. I went on my own and spoke to a female doctor because I felt more comfortable being so open to her and she placed me on medication and its helped me immensely.

I have to go back in spring for a review and I hope I can stay on them because the days I accidentally miss them I feel awful. I feel the fear and doubt creeping back in more than it usually is. Medication isn’t a magic cure, anxiety sadly never goes away but the transformation it can lead you to is amazing. Whilst I still struggle with meals out or being too far away from home just in-case I get sick,  I’ve managed to attend university fine this year. I haven’t spent the mornings making myself sick with worry. I’ve done better in my work and I’ve contributed more.
Some days are better than others but it’s better to have one bad day or a few bad days then 365 bad days. 

I also created my blog in my anxiety transition, if you go back you will find some posts I have previously done on it. Without this blog I probably wouldn’t be where I am today. I have been introduced to some wonderful people who are so supportive and who are going through their own struggles and they have helped me on this path to get better. I love coming on here reading your comments and sharing my love for books with you all and I can never thank you enough for following me and giving me this life line.

If you ever need to talk about anxiety or anything then I will listen. I want to create a lifestyle page on this blog where I will post more about anxiety and perhaps booktubers who have helped me with my anxiety. Tips, in-fact anything you would like to hear then I will do, just comment below and tell me.

There are some parts of my story that I have left out of this post, I have battled with symtoms towards depression and OCD tendencies as well. All of which linked to my Anxiety, I may share them with you at some point. It’s hard to write things like this and be so honest, to open myself up to you but it feels so good to tell my story. To get rid of the pressure I have felt and just be honest that I’m not a confident person, I’m not always happy and I struggle. 

Please remember, if you have anxiety or any mental illness then you are not alone. You are loved, you are worthy and strong.  If you are considering hurting yourself please speak to someone. There are tons of charities out there such as Samaritans who offer services where you can speak to someone about your thoughts or they offer Suicide Survivors and Prevention groups. 

www.samaritans.org   |    www.samaritansusa.org