Where have I been? Hiatus?

Hey Guys!

I feel like I owe you a little explanation as to where I’ve been, why I haven’t replied back to comments as fast as I usually do and why I haven’t posted or blog hopped! My last post was my Six of Crows review which went out February 11th, so only 12 days  have passed but I’ve been posting less and less as you can probably tell. Why?

Well simply i’m just snowed under right now, as you know i’m in my final year of university. I graduate in July so these are the last few months filled with essays, my dissertation and then exams. Whenever i’m not at university i’m doing my work and then at weekends i’m at my job.
I’m feeling extremely stressed right now but I wanted to offer you all an explanation, I’ve not abandoned you. I hate that I can’t keep up to date with all your blog posts. I miss you and this blog so much.

I’m going to try and put some posts out along the way during this last long hurdle in my university journey. I hope you can stick with me.

I’m sorry again for my lack of contact. Happy reading, I can’t wait to catch up properly.

Hannah x

Bloggers tips on how I juggle university, work and my blog.


Hey Guys, Today I want to do a helpful tip/discussion type post for you. One focused on how I juggle my book blog, my third year of university and my job. When I first thought about starting a blog I thought it would be really easy, in my head I just thought ‘Oh it’s just writing about the books I love…’.
What a shock that was. Blogging takes time, finding images, making headers, replying to comments, making posts etc there is a lot of work that goes into it. Now I’m in my third year of university and in all honesty I’m struggling a little bit because second year was hard but now the pressure is really on. Here are some little tips that I hope help you if you ever feel the way I do;

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Golden Globes – Meryl Streep is ICONIC.


Hi Guys!

So I have been absent for a little white due to Illness and University priorities, some essays have had to be written. I wanted my first post back since Christmas to be a book review but after the Golden Globes last night I had to make a post regarding Meryl Streep and all the twitter drama today. Frankly I don’t know why I even bother to look on twitter and read some of what these ‘people’ have to say.

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Lets Discuss – Opinions and Hate


Hey Guys!

Today I am coming at you with another Discussion post, I love doing these because not only do I get to rant for a little while but I also get to hear your opinions and at the end I feel closer to you after reading your insights. Today I want to discuss Opinions and Hate and firstly I want to recommend that you check out Fadwa’s blog @Word Wonders as she posted a discussion like this as well called Where’s All The Love . Whilst your over at her blog also be sure to check out her other posts especially To some, access to books is a luxury.

Now I’ve been wanting to do a post like this for a while because I have been seeing a lot of hate across social media but also during the American Presidential Election I was seeing hate towards celebrities expressing their opinions most notably for me I saw this towards Sophia Bush. Sophia has been in shows such as One Tree Hill and is currently in Chicago PD, I recommend following her on Twitter and her other social media platforms because not only is she just a kind and funny person but she spreads news that frankly I wouldn’t see here in the UK otherwise. She is also an Activist and linked to The Girl Project.

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She’s pretty but…


She’s pretty but…

She could lose a few pounds,

She should wear different clothes,

She should try wearing more makeup,

She should try wearing less makeup,

She should try doing her hair,

She should try to be natural.


What is natural?

Is it the glossy photoshopped image in the magazine?

The plastic surgeon who would fix me?

The makeup artist who would hide my flaws?

The hairstylist who would redo me?

I wonder when society will learn to love me for me,

I think that’s the first thing I have to learn personally. Continue reading

Diversity – Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman


Hey Guys, 

Today I want to do something new on my blog and its a book recommendation that featured Diversity. 

I don’t know if it’s because I’m older or if its because I’ve been studying it lately but I’ve been drawn to the fact there is so much inequality in the world. Growing up I knew that, of course I did. Privilege is a thing, I come from a white middle class family who live in a small rural town in the UK and I go to university in a city, I see homeless people everyday and I’ve witnessed sexism and racism and experienced sexism and harassment from men.

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