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Hey Guys.

So today I wanted to do a catch up on my reading challenge and year, inspired because of my birthday. I turned 23 today… Eeek I’m so old I know. Let’s pretend I’m only 18 please? 
So I’m another year older (sadly) and I was thinking, how has my life changed since my last birthday? Well I got my Upper Second Class Bachelors Degree in English Literature, I got onto two masters courses with me starting one in English Studies next week and my blog reached 435 followers! Of course mixed in with all the good things, there has been some really tough times this year from deaths, to mental health issues etc but right now I’m sat writing this and thinking wow I am so lucky and I cannot believe how well my year has gone in reality. The friends I have made whilst blogging feel like friends I have known my whole life. Even though they live in Australia, France or even South Africa and me in United Kingdom it feels like we aren’t too far away. I owe this blog so much, it has helped me in so many ways and my love for reading and books has increased so much more.

So lets talk about the book aspect… How is my reading challenge going?

goodreads.pngThis year I opted to set my reading goal as 50 and I have currently read 36 books which I think is really good considering up until June I was finishing up my final year of university. I think I should be able to hit this goal by the end of the year. I have read some amazing books this year, one of my favourites of course being The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. I have also wrote down all the books I own which I haven’t read yet and I have started working my way through them rather than opting to buy more.

Previous reading goals?


In 2015 my reading goal was set to 50 and I managed to read 99 books! Which still slightly kills me that I couldn’t just read one more to make it an even 100. In 2016 I set my goal as 100 and only made 77, it’s clear to me that in order for me to achieve my goal I have to set myself realistic little targets rather than thinking of a big figure and struggling.




Wishes for the rest of the year?

I just hope my blog keeps going the way it is, I want to try to keep as active as possible but if I could wish anything would get better? I wish my anxiety would slowly begin to slip away from me, of course there is no cure but I would love to not feel anxious about my blog. Not feel like I’m forcing myself into conversations on the book community on twitter etc. It’s something I know alot of people deal with and I know i’m not alone in these feelings.

I want you all to be happy as well. If you are thinking of making a blog right now as you read this. DO IT. Don’t be scared, because this is one of my favourite things in the world right now. You won’t regret it.


Stay Happy, Stay Reading and I’ll be back with more reviews and book goodness soon! 

11 thoughts on “Birthday Post | Goodreads Challenge | Year Update |

  1. I hope you had the best birthday ever and I hope the rest of your year is just absolutely amazing and everything that you want it to be 💕
    I’m so happy I got to meet you and be your friend, you are honestly one of the loveliest people I know! I got a little teary eyed when I read South Africa and that you feel like you’ve known us your whole life 💕
    Good luck with all your things for the rest of the year and remember you’re doing great xxx

    P.S. I really hope you were referring to me when you said South Africa, otherwise I’m an idiot.

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  2. Once again, happy birthday, Hannah! You’re not old at all ahah, I’m going to be one year older than you in…well, a little less than one month, I feel oooooooold hahaha. I hope you had an amazing day with your loved ones ❤ ❤
    I am seriously so happy to have met you, you're one of the BEST people I met thanks to book blogging and I'm forever grateful to be able to call you a friend ❤ ❤
    I'm sorry to hear you're feeling anxious about blogging at times, but you're not alone in this. If you ever need to talk or rant about it or anything, I'm always here ❤ ❤ You are doing GREAT ❤ ❤ ❤


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