Bookish Pet Peeves | We all have them!

Bookish Pet Peeves… We all have them don’t we? Little things that get to us and we hate or aren’t a fan of. So I thought it would be nice to do a post sharing ten of my bookish pet peeves…


I don’t mind if I bend the spine but when I buy a new book and someone flicks through it and breaks the spine it really gets to me… it’s like hey I paid for it, I get to do that.


Book stores PLEASE stop putting non easy peel stickers on the front of book covers. There is nothing worse when it doesn’t come off properly and your left with that glue residue or it damages the actual cover.


Oh how I hate thee.
Friends who you so kindly let borrow a book and they never return it or do so and it’s damaged. 


Insta Love is one thing I really hate. It’s unrealistic, who looks at someone and goes ‘YEP I’M IN LOVE WITH YOU.’ It really puts me off a book.


As you know I write all my reviews spoiler free because I cannot stand spoilers. There is a special place in hell for people who spoil books,movies or television shows. Why ruin it for someone else? I mean if someone is actively seeking out a spoiler then ok fine… but so many people don’t include spoiler warnings and sadly I’ve had so many people ruin series for me.


I really am not a fan of books with their movie covers. I always prefer the original.


More often than not the model doesn’t even look like the main character… but I really hate models on covers because I like to go into a book and make up my own image for the main character rather than going in with the idea of the model from the front cover.

8Books which are so slow and nothing happens for 90% of the book and then everything is rushed into the last 10%.

lets talk

What are some of your Bookish Pet Peeves?



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23 thoughts on “Bookish Pet Peeves | We all have them!

  1. I am literally with you on every single one of these peeves!
    I’ve just lent out a book to a friend for the first time since a different friend failed to return The Hunger Games…

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    1. You are very trusting to give another friend a chance after The Hunger Games wasn’t returned. My friend borrow Mockingjay and returned it WITH A TEA STAIN AND CUP MARK.
      Honestly never lending them out again haha!

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      1. I’ve hardly made an impression on the spine for Red Queen, and my friend says “I can’t believe you’ve not creased the spine at all!’ Bodes well…😑
        Oh dear! Can’t be dealing with that!!

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  2. Stickers are the worst!!! And when you remove them, dust gets on the residue! Depending on the book/movie, I actually like the movie cover (like I prefer the movie cover of The Help to the original cover). InstaLove is also a pet peeve, but it can be done right in special circumstances.

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    1. Actually I agree, if I like the movie and the actors then I tend to like the movie cover except I probably wouldn’t buy the movie cover…
      That sticker residue is the devil, honestly it is so annoying and those stickers that rip the cover a bit when you try to remove them?!

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      1. I definitely see what you mean. I wouldn’t buy the movie cover unless I haven’t bought/own the book already (unless I really love it and want another edition).
        And yes!!! They’re horrible!! And that’s the worst. I like to keep my cover intact. And it’s annoying when the stick is on an important part of the picture too.

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  3. The worst thing ever are those “fake” stickers that are put on the cover 😩 like I’m really happy this book won an award or the author wrote something else but I don’t need it to be a permanent reminder on the book 😂 also yes instalove and rushed endings are things I’m not here for!!

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    1. YES. I mean I don’t mind if it’s like Harry Potter and it’s to signal its like the 20th anniversary, something like that but I DO NOT CARE IF THIS AUTHOR WROTE 20 OTHER BOOKS. I WANT THIS ONE.
      *Hannah calm down* ahah!

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  4. Have you noticed the worst of all things – the thingies that look like stickers, but in reality they are NOT and you can’t ever peel them off because they are printed on -.- I HATE them with a passion.
    I think I am known on the interwebs for liking movie tie-ins for my books haha it doesn’t always work, but since I am basically a living info desk for actors and actresses, I like to have them on my covers haha

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      Haha if anybody was going to like movie tie in covers, it would be you! I like some of them, I think like The Hunger Games… Because I loved the characters for that and maybe Harry Potter… I think I have to like the characters for the movie to like the cover

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      1. Yeah, I think I am exactly the kind of person movie tie-ins were designed for. Hold on … there are Harry Potter movie tie-in editions? I’ve never seen them haha I like movie covers like the one for Testament of Youth. So understated and beautiful. I also like the one for Before I Fall.

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  5. I love this post – I can relate to all of these pet peeves… especially the sticker one, right now, actually. I’m reading a book I am loving and it has a beautiful cover (it’s, A Quiet Kind of Thunder), but there is a DAMN sticker in it and I want to take it off, but I am CERTAIN that it will just RUIN the whole cover and it makes me sooooooooooo so very mad hahaha.

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