Lies Book Bloggers Say

Hey Book Lovers!

Hope you are all ok. Today I wanted to come at you with a fun type of post entitled ‘Lies Book Bloggers Say!’ I guarantee you are all guilty of these if not all of them then at least one or two.

Just one more chapter

I’m sure this is the one were all guilty of. It’s one in the morning, you have to get up early for work, school or university but you tell yourself you can fit in one more chapter and still get enough sleep right?


Book Buying Bans in general. Show me someone who has successfully completed a book buying ban? They are witches I tell you. HOW?! I try so hard but I cannot resist buying a new book. I know my TBR is high, I know I won’t read it immediately but it’s waving at me and telling me to take it home. 

busyI hold my hands up (in the air sometimes… you definitely all started singing that song) I am naughty and have done this, once, twice. Ok more.
If i’m in the middle of a good lead up to a mega scene then I can’t just leave it for another day can I?!

rereadYes I know I didn’t really like the book, but what if I want to give it another go in the future? Do I really want to have to buy it again? No. I’ll keep it.. I mean if I don’t read it then someone else might want to like my sister… I’ll keep it for her in my collection rather than hers…

tbr pile

Yes TBR pile, I see you growing in the corner of my room. I will start you I promise but also what about this new release for the series I am mid way through? I can’t just give up now on that can I? Oh look i’ve started the first book in the series I have to finish that now as well don’t I? 

To give myself credit, I wrote down all the books I owned which I haven’t read a few months ago and i’m actually tackling the giant pile…

special edition

It’s the same book inside. Yes but it’s a different cover and is it really the same book because this special edition also has a deleted scene or an extra little story or snippet in the front or back so it’s technically different? So I should have it shouldn’t I?

Yes i’m side eyeing you up Harry Potter, you do this to me. Seeing as I now have 4 different copies of Philosophers Stone and don’t you even think about hiding City of Bones. You know you’re the same. Yes brain I know emmmabooks also does this, were both weak… hold on.. maybe I could buy another one so were at least on the same amount right?

emmmabooks – booktuber can be found here


I have so many books I need to read this month and get the reviews up by so i’m going to read them in this order and also I need to tackle that TBR so I will put a few on the list as well. Nope. Not for me, I will actually write that list and completely ignore it and pick up some other books. 

net galley

There are just so many descriptions and cover’s drawing me in. I think there is no in-between to a Net-galley visit. You either request loads or none.

harry potter

Every few months I think ‘I could read Harry Potter again’ like I have all the time in the world and don’t have a giant TBR staring at me like ‘why did you buy us.’ What can I say, Hogwarts is my home. 

So there we have some Lies Book Bloggers and Book Lovers tell themselves. What is one your guilty of? Let me know in the comments below!


36 thoughts on “Lies Book Bloggers Say

  1. Hahaha! Yes, I tell all those lies! But honestly, do you know anyone who has ever successfully resisted buying books for any period of time. And of course, those free downloads don’t count.
    PLUS, here’s one you missed. . .yes, I know that I have that book on my Kindle, but it was such a great read that I really need a hard copy of it. Just in case. . .

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  2. Since most of the books I own were gifts, I actually do stick to my book buying bans (guess I’m a witch 😛 ). And I have no problems giving books away if I’m at least 90% sure I won’t continue the series or re-read them in the future. But they’re all accurate lies – awesome post! 😀

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  3. Ahahaha these are so relatable – that being said, I have to admit I’m NOT guilty of some of these, especially the sticking to the TBR one… because I don’t make any kind of TBR at all, unlike everyone else ahah. I just read whatever I have at hand and what I’m in the mood for. I could never stick to any kind of TBR, I think 😛 On the book buying bans… I AM TRYING REALLY HARD. I haven’t bought anything in a month now and I feel pretty proud of it, but…. I’m going to buy books again soon, I need to ahah 😛
    Great post, Hannah, I loved it 😀

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    1. I honestly don’t know why I make myself TBR’s ever because I know i’m not going to stick with them but I kinda have a hope you know haha! I’m trying so hard to not buy anything too, i’m doing well so far. I keep adding these to a shopping cart then stopping before I press buy and try to distract myself. I’m going to try not buy any books until christmas…
      Thank you Marie ❤

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      1. YOU CAN DO THIS. I told myself I wouldn’t buy new books until Christmas, as well, but…. I probably will have some new books by the end of the week, I have no self control 😂😂

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  4. I have actually been able to complete book buying bans hahaha. I’ve always been pretty careful with money, so it comes pretty natural to me? The last time I bought books was in September, and those books were all on sale so I had some pretty good deals. It also motivates me that I’ll be studying in the UK soon for three months so I need to save money haha. Though I haven’t always been able to stick to book buying bans! It really depends on my financial situation – right now I’m super anxious about living on my own in the UK so that motivates me to not buy books haha

    Definitely guilty of a lot of these though. I feel you on all the Harry Potter editions. I even have six editions of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone 🙈: Dutch hardcover, original Bloomsbury edition that I once bought without buying the rest of the series, ‘new’ Bloomsbury edition (this time I got the entire boxset), Hufflepuff edition and the illustrated edition, twice. I got it twice because I had the first one on display when it somehow fell out of my bookcase and now it’s badly damaged 😢 I still have it as it looks fine on the outside so I can still display it. The second one is safe in-between my other books though

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    1. Aw your coming over to the UK to study! That’s exciting and I can see how you’ve stopped yourself buying books whilst trying to save money. I hope you love your time over here 🙂
      Aw no so sad your illutsrated edition got damaged, I would have ordered it again as well! Yes keep that other one safe. Ever since writing this post I have been feeling such an urge to start reading it again or watching the movies but i’m really trying to stop myself!
      Thanks for reading and for your lovely long comment Michelle! ❤

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  5. Oh my, I relate so much to all of these! Haha I don’t know many times I’ve said some of these today, it’s that bad. 😂 Lovely post! Thanks for writing it!!

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