Blackfish- Documentary review!

blackfish  Blackfish is an american documentary released in 2013 but is highly relevant today and worth a watch. In-fact i’m a strong believer that everyone should watch Blackfish so they can see how these Killer Whales have been captured and their story in captivity, the tagline for the film rightly states ‘never capture what you can’t control’.  These poor baby Orca’s were ripped from their families and the ocean to be placed in a concrete pool to perform tricks.

‘A mesmorizing psychological thriller’ – Variety 

I myself live in the United Kingdom, so places like Sea World always seemed so special. I’m not going to lie, when I was little I always wanted to go so I could see the Killer Whales, these animals are exotic and of course everybody wants to be able to have an opportunity to see them. But of course these places aren’t set up for conservation, they aren’t to protect the animal because they are becoming extinct or for us to even learn anything from them, they are set up for profit. They are exploiting these beautiful animals for money, the documentary was really shocking to watch as we hear how babies were ripped from their mothers and transported to other show destinations. The words ‘Oh is the poor baby whale missing its mama’ stick in my mind, as a former trainer recalls her conversation with a director/member of the board. The complete lack of disregard for the whales feelings, of course in that persons minds the whale is purely an animal. It’s lower in societies hierarchy, well its not human so it must not experience loss, anger or loneliness?

But they do… The documentary even goes into detail about the Killer Whales brain’s being so developed and having an extra part in which humans don’t have making them extremely perceptible to experiencing feeling.

I am so glad I have watched Blackfish,it’s truly a documentary that sticks with you. These whales are still stuck in captivity but we can only hope they can be released from the confines of their concrete pools soon enough. I find this subject really interesting and I have gone on to purchase John Hargrove’s book ‘Beneath the Surface’. John Hargrove was a former trainer and I am excited to read his book once it arrives so I can learn more on the subject.

Blackfish is a remarkable movie combining modern day footage with old footage to create the documentary telling the story of Tilikum from his capture to his days throughout captivity up until 2013. The documentary is shocking, sad and heart -wrenching in places as you truly feel for these animals.

I hope you all give it a chance and watch it.

Massive applaud to the production crew who worked together to create such a great documentary.

Have you watched Blackfish? I would love to hear your thoughts or any recommendations for further documentaries to watch.

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