Prayers For The Stolen by Jennifer Clement | Mini Review & Recommendation

Hey Book Lovers!

Today I’m trying something new and doing a Mini Review and Recommendation. I thought I would do this for the books I have read linked to my University Course as then I won’t go into too much detail and end up accidentally plagiarising myself should I use them for any essays. My essays are entered online and then they are scanned by that system to check if they plagiarise any websites, at the end they offer a similarity rating and show what is similar to what website.

First up  is Prayer For The Stolen by Jennifer Clement. 
Prayers of the Stolen.jpg

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Mental Illness Fiction?


Welcome Back to Suggestion Sunday!

I hope you have all had a fabulously bookish filled week, today’s post is back to Suggestion Sunday. This is where I recommend a book which I have previously read in order to introduce you to hopefully your next read.

Today’s recommendation is going to be a Contemporary Young Adult Novel which focuses on a Teenager called Audrey who suffers from Anxiety. This was the first book I read which featured a protagonist suffering from a mental illness and I was interested in finding out how an author would approach such a subject.

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Movie Recommendation – Romcom.

Movie Recommendation


Film: 10 Things I hate about you (1999) | Genre: Romantic Comedy/ Drama

Summary:  Cameron (Joseph Gordon – Levitt) is the new kid in high school, in order to date Bianca Stanford (Larisa Oleynik)  the girl he has a crush on; he must find a guy to date her older sister Kat (Julia Stiles), also known as the meanest girl in school. It isn’t a task to take lightly especially considering even their father has rules such as ‘you don’t date until Kat does’.  Is their any chance for Cameron to succeed? [10 things I hate about you – IMDB]


I am a huge fan of movies especially romantic comedies from the 1980’s and 90’s, I love the old school feel of them and I believe you really can’t beat these films. Therefore I have decided to create some posts offering recommendations for some of my favourite films whilst also offering small reviews in the hopes of inspiring you into watching your all time favourites once again or perhaps find a new film to enjoy.

10 things I hate about you was first released in 1999 and I was born in 1994, so I obviously wasn’t introduced to this film until way after it’s release date. I can’t remember the year exactly but it would of been back when I was in Secondary School (High School). Since then I have watched it an abundance of times, I could sit and watch it regularly without getting bored not just because the male protagonist Patrick Verona is played by Heath Ledger and that’s a massive plus in itself but because I still find the film as emotionally moving as the first time I ever experienced it. That right there is a powerful tool for a movie to hold considering the sheer amount of times I have watched the film.

10 Things I hate about you is set in a high school setting, therefore it is focused on Teenagers. I found myself relating to the environment and the characters themselves on some levels, I think despite this film being a comedy of sorts anybody will be able to watch the film and draw similarities between their own experiences of high school with that represented in the film.

As a whole the film is truly a romantic journey between a number of couples which each add to the progression of the film in someway. In some sense their is betrayal as well as romance, comedy and drama but the movie is definitely a ‘feel good’ movie and an emotional roller coaster to say the least. I hate spoiler sue’s so I refuse to reveal any key information or ruin a film for anybody but the poetry scene [you’ll know which one I’m on about when you watch it or if you have watched it before] makes me cry every single time. It’s beautiful, up until that moment in the film the progression of the two main protagonists Kat and Patrick had been developing and as the audience you feel the tension and the emotions for them.

10 things I hate about you will always be a film I go back to on a day where I need a pick me up, a blast from the past or just a day/night of watching films I know I enjoy.

Have you ever watched 10 things I hate about you? If so let me know in the comments what your thoughts of the movie were or what is one of your go to movies to put you in a good mood!