Lets Discuss – Opinions and Hate

Hey Guys!

Today I am coming at you with another Discussion post, I love doing these because not only do I get to rant for a little while but I also get to hear your opinions and at the end I feel closer to you after reading your insights. Today I want to discuss Opinions and Hate and firstly I want to recommend that you check out Fadwa’s blog @Word Wonders as she posted a discussion like this as well called Where’s All The Love . Whilst your over at her blog also be sure to check out her other posts especially To some, access to books is a luxury.

Now I’ve been wanting to do a post like this for a while because I have been seeing a lot of hate across social media but also during the American Presidential Election I was seeing hate towards celebrities expressing their opinions most notably for me I saw this towards Sophia Bush. Sophia has been in shows such as One Tree Hill and is currently in Chicago PD, I recommend following her on Twitter and her other social media platforms because not only is she just a kind and funny person but she spreads news that frankly I wouldn’t see here in the UK otherwise. She is also an Activist and linked to The Girl Project.

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