Favourite YA Female Book Characters

Hey Guys,

Today I’m coming at you with my Five Favourite Female characters and the books which they are from. This post is inspired by Melissa @booknerdmomo who did a Five Recommendations Based on my Favorite Female Characters so be sure to check out her blog and her recommendations. She was very kind to give me permission to do the post on my blog too.

I’ve got to put out how weird it is to include the two spellings of Favourite/Favorite in that opening paragraph, in the UK we spell it Favourite and I’m guessing in the US it’s Favorite. Weird right?

I really wanted to do this because of course it’s recently just been International Womens Day and I love celebrating women of course but also I love seeing strong female characters and seeing which other characters other readers choose. Each of these women have touched my life in some way, I adored reading the books they are from but these characters have stuck with me and will stick with me forever. There are lessons to be learnt from the characters within our favourite books, whether it is to be never to give up, just stay strong or be yourself. We can find great comfort in the worlds they live and the words they present to us.

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10 things that Hermione Granger taught me.


As you will probably know I am a HUGE fan of the Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling as well as the movies. Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley are my two absolute favourite characters and since it is Hermione Granger’s birthday, I decided I wanted to dedicate a post to the fictional character who has taught me so much and who I love very dearly.

Here are the 10 things Hermione Granger taught me:

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Harry Potter |Current Obsessions| Bookstagram & MORE

harry blog.jpg

It’s been about 4 days since my last blog post and I have to admit I have been feeling very uninspired lately, I have been feeling a reading slump coming along. Does anybody else sense them coming?

I always try to push it away before it can fully take hold, normally I do this by reaching for my favourite YA Contemporary, this time however I started Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince because I am still yet to finish this series. I know… How late am I to this party?
I have seen all the films but I never picked up the books, which is strange because I was their alongside my sister queuing up at the bookstores on their release days so i’m not really sure why I didn’t.

I do LOVE Harry Potter though, I think J.K Rowling is my ultimate author/ queen. Harry Potter for me is a-lot more than a book series or movie series, even though I haven’t finished all the books within this series they have helped me in so many ways. As you may know I have Anxiety and some day’s it is a real struggle to get out of bed, I spend hours lay questioning every decision I have ever made, who I am and I worry about future situations. For those of you who don’t have Anxiety then the best way I can describe it for me personally is it’s like having someone permanently next to you, in your ear making you second guess everything. Harry Potter offers me an escape from this, the magic and Hogwarts as a whole makes me feel safe and it makes me feel happy.

This post is basically just to tell you guys what I am currently up to, I have been so excited about reading Harry Potter, (it is successfully pulling me from the dreaded reading slump thoughts) I wanted to make a post dedicated to it so far and also make a sort of discussion out of it because I am relatively new to the book fandom and I really want to interact with other fans of the series as well.

Firstly for those who don’t know I do have a bookstagram, now I must say my pictures aren’t very good, I take them on my mobile and their isn’t really a solid theme to my posts. I just love sharing what I am currently reading, new purchases and basically everything bookish that I just take a quick picture and pop it up, however lately I have been experimenting and trying out new things. Considering I have been really into Harry Potter lately, I have been doing a little ‘photo-shoot’ of sorts with my Harry Potter items, my Instagram username is @mortalreader1 if you want to check it out,  I have included a few ‘sneak peeks’ within this post of the photo’s  I have currently taken and put up.

Maurenders Map

Secondly I can’t not post some of my thoughts on this series so far, I have posted reviews for Harry Potter and the Philosophers StoneHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in the past then I seemed to have stopped there. I will definitely do better and up-to date reviews in the future but here are some of the things I love so far:

  • Ron Weasley – Ron is my favourite character, I absolutely love him.
  • Ron and Hermione OTPI shipped these two from the very beginning, everytime they are featured in any of the books I find myself smiling 
  • Prisoner of Azkaban – Of course I haven’t finished the series but this is my favourite book so far

I want to list everything, because the series is full of such rich imagery that J.K Rowling makes me feel like I am alongside the characters.


Finally lets discuss Harry Potter Merch, now I want to discuss this because I want a wand so bad but my friend has made me second guess myself. I love this series and I will love it forever, but i’m 21? Am I allowed to buy a wand? My friend laughed at me and basically if you have read my Stereotypes and Readers… post you will understand that they don’r really understand my love for books or reading. The conversation led me to think I was being childish but I wanted to bring it forth in this community because I feel I can be the real me here without having to hide what I like.

Death Eaters

I feel like you’re all going to be scratching your heads, questioning what the heck is going on in this post. It features everything and I am asking so many questions,  I hold my hands up, it’s not very structured. I have come on here and just wrote down a bunch of thoughts, it’s a raw discussion post if you will. I really am interested in what you think so I hope you like this post and please check out some of the questions I have below:

  1. Are you a Harry Potter Fan? 
  2. Who is your favourite character?
  3. Let me Know if you have any Harry Potter Merch

Basically anything Harry Potter related I would love to have a discussion with you and hear what you think. 

Don’t let the muggles get you down’