Dissertations and Dystopian Books

Hey Guys!

Today my post is actually for me to ask you a question, I am currently thinking of a question I can do for my Dissertation which in-case your unfamiliar with that, it is the final year project you undertake in your third year of your undergraduate degree and it consists of a 10,000 word essay, a reflection and power point presentation. Not all degree’s have them I believe, I’m studying English Literature so I do.

I’m contemplating doing Dystopian Young Adult Fiction, i’m not sure what I will focus on just yet because the possibilities are endless from government to heroines.I know I definitely want to include Divergent by Veronica Roth and The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins therefore my question to you is can you recommend any other Dystopian Texts I could possibly use which feature a strong female lead, rebellion, government control etc. My friend recommended the 5th wave which I personally have not read just yet but I will mark down each suggestion and look into them in more depth.

I was attempting to look for books online then I figured ‘hey what’s the best way to get the best book recommendations’ MY BLOG OF COURSE. 

Thank you so much for your suggestions in advance, I really appreciate it. If you could also share this with your fellow book loving friends I would also really appreciate that as it will give me an even bigger audience to get more suggestions.

Hannah x