Anxiety Rant| When things get rough.

Hey Bookworms.

So it’s been a while since I did my last Discussion post or post on Anxiety and I really needed to get some things off my chest. To do a rant and just get the feelings that have been plaguing me out there and to do an update for you all.

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Discussion: TBR lists – Do they Help or Hinder you?

Today I want to do a discussion on TBR lists and whether they help or hinder your reading experience.

TBR lists also known as ‘To Be Read’ lists for those of you who may not be familiar with them are extremely popular throughout the reading community. Each month many people post or video their choice of books to read that month but for me TBR’s have always been both a blessing and a curse.

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Women who inspire me #1 – Zoe Sugg | Zoella

Hey Guys.

So I have already posted today but that was a scheduled post and I suddenly got inspired and I really wanted to get this up.  I want to kick off a new segment on my blog; Women from social media who inspire me or perhaps Women who Inspire me… First up I decided I wanted to do YouTuber/blogger/ author/ business woman – Zoella aka Zoe Sugg. I chose Zoe first because 1) it’s her birthday today so I wanted to show my appreciation on her special day (also it’s my mums birthday but she beat my mum to this post hands down…kidding I love my mum but she’s not a social media star) and 2) I watch her everyday and she’s a big influence in my life.

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Anxiety – My Story.

Today I want to do something which isn’t about books, but Mental Health. Mental Health is so important to me and its something that seems to be such a Taboo topic and it honestly shouldn’t be. I want to use this post today to talk about my story with my Anxiety and I hope it helps someone in some way. I won’t go into crazy detail so I’ll try to keep this concise and to the point for you all. 

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Lets Discuss – You read Young Adult? But you’re an adult?!

Hey Guys!

Today’s post as you can see by the title is a Discussion post. I feel like it has been a while since I have done a discussion post and yet they are one of my favourite things to do because it gives me the opportunity to rant and it starts up conversations with you guys. I love hearing your opinions.

Today’s topic is ‘Reading YA as an Adult’.

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Lets Discuss – Opinions and Hate

Hey Guys!

Today I am coming at you with another Discussion post, I love doing these because not only do I get to rant for a little while but I also get to hear your opinions and at the end I feel closer to you after reading your insights. Today I want to discuss Opinions and Hate and firstly I want to recommend that you check out Fadwa’s blog @Word Wonders as she posted a discussion like this as well called Where’s All The Love . Whilst your over at her blog also be sure to check out her other posts especially To some, access to books is a luxury.

Now I’ve been wanting to do a post like this for a while because I have been seeing a lot of hate across social media but also during the American Presidential Election I was seeing hate towards celebrities expressing their opinions most notably for me I saw this towards Sophia Bush. Sophia has been in shows such as One Tree Hill and is currently in Chicago PD, I recommend following her on Twitter and her other social media platforms because not only is she just a kind and funny person but she spreads news that frankly I wouldn’t see here in the UK otherwise. She is also an Activist and linked to The Girl Project.

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Diversity – Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman

Hey Guys, 

Today I want to do something new on my blog and its a book recommendation that featured Diversity. 

I don’t know if it’s because I’m older or if its because I’ve been studying it lately but I’ve been drawn to the fact there is so much inequality in the world. Growing up I knew that, of course I did. Privilege is a thing, I come from a white middle class family who live in a small rural town in the UK and I go to university in a city, I see homeless people everyday and I’ve witnessed sexism and racism and experienced sexism and harassment from men.

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Book Travelling Thursdays – A Book You’re Thankful For

Hey Guys!

Welcome back to Book Travelling Thursdays! A tag set up by  Catia @ The Girl Who Read Too Much and Danielle @ Danielle’s Book Blog. Be sure to check out both their pages and to find more information about this tag visit them on their  Goodreads Group Page.

This week’s theme is A Book You’re Thankful for – I decided to choose Twilight by Stephenie  Meyer for this one. Why?

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