Harry Potter Christmas Gift Guide

Good-day Fellow Witches and Wizards. 

If you are reading this then I assume you are looking for Harry Potter Gifts either for yourself or another Harry Potter lover in your life. It can be daunting because there are a lot of Harry Potter products on the market but where do you start?
Have no fear because here is a Gift Guide to help you find the perfect gift!

Harry Potter Gift Guide posts are becoming a tradition for me to do. It’s my favourite fantasy world and series so I love to make them.

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Christmas Gift Guide – Bookish Gifts on a budget

Hey Guys! 

It’s December, it’s Christmas time. Cue panic for gift buying and sheer amount of ‘WHAT COULD I BUY FOR THEM?!‘ moments.

As we all know Christmas can be pretty expensive, it all adds up and I have rather a big family so it definitely is for me but I thought it would be a fun idea to do a Christmas Gift Guide, bookish gifts on a budget. Have a loved one in your life who loves reading? then keep on reading to see some websites/options you may not have considered. Remember its the thought that counts not the monetary value.  Continue reading “Christmas Gift Guide – Bookish Gifts on a budget”

Harry Potter Christmas Gift Guide


Harry Potter is one of the largest book/movie franchises in the world, so there’s no surprise that there are tons of fans out there. The question is what do you get a massive Harry Potter fan for Christmas? We all know searching for a perfect gift can be rather difficult as it is, so here are my top  picks on Christmas Gift Ideas for the Harry Potter fan in your life (or even yourself).

  1. Bloomsbury Boxset £29.99

harry potter.png

The Bloomsbury new ‘Childrens’ covers of the Harry Potter Series are fantastic. Even if you own the books already, these covers have seen other book lovers go weak at the knees with their bright beautiful covers. The art work on them is brilliant from the books themselves to the box they come in. The Book People currently have this box set on offer for £29.99 which is a massive bargain coming out at approximately £4.28 for each book. The standard price for this box-set is usually priced at £60.

The Book People – Harry Potter Box Set

2) Warner Brothers Film Wizardryfilm wizardry

Film Buff? Well the Warner Bro’s Film Wizardry book is a fantastic gift for anyone that loves the Harry potter films. This book gives you behind the scenes information and film making secrets. What makes this book so special is the array of replica’s/props that are within the book itself, from a Yule Ball Invitation, to Hogwarts Letters and the Maunders Map! There are a whole bunch of replica’s within this book hidden within it’s pages as the book progresses, I myself received this book for my birthday and it gives you such a wonderful insight into the making of the film from the actors themselves to the crew who made the props and filmed the movie.

This book is priced between £20- £25 dependent on which retailer you purchase from, the best prices I have found are;

The Book People – Film Wizardry £20.80 and Book Depository – Film Wizardry £23.64.

3) Quote -Drinking Jar


Etsy is a wonderful place; full of talented people selling items beyond our imagination.  Dark Wood Jar Company are one of those fabulous talented companies, which make items truly original. I myself have never seen items like this before. For £15 you can get these vintage style drinking jars with a number of popular Harry Potter quotes on them. Something a little bit different for a Harry Potter fan who has every souvenir perhaps?

Etsy – Dark Wood Jar Company

4)Harry Potter Colouring Book

colouring book

Another item which is slightly unusual and original in the sense that this is the first one of its kind to be released. I have yet to see any other Harry Potter Colouring Books. This colouring book is packed full of popular scenes and characters from the film series, it’s a wonderful collecters piece for a fan but also just fun to colour too! The RRP price of these books are £9.99 and they can be found in an array of stores, of course I’m trying to include some places with the best deals therefore Book Depository currently have this book on sale for £4.99!

Book Depository – Colouring Book

Alternatively the Book People also have this book on sale for £7.99

The Book People – Colouring Book

5) House Crest – Stationary Set

These Gryffindor and Slytherin Stationary Sets are currently on offer for £20 rather than there RRP price of £25 on The Book People. Each set comes with a 192 page Journal/Notebook, 2 wax sticks and wax stamps, letter writing paper, envelopes and a paperweight. All of which has the house crest on them.

The Book People House Crest Stationary Set

6) Ohh Deer – Quote Pencils


Ohhdeer are currently selling these Harry Potter Quote HB pencils for £3.95, you get three in a packet with 3 different quotes on them.;

You’re A Wizard, Harry!
It’s Leviosa, Not Leviosar
Filthy, Little Mudblood

This gift could be a perfect little stocking filler or just a little something to give to a Harry Potter fan without breaking the bank. They are a suitable gift for any age group who loves the franchise and they are a practical present.

Ohhdeer – Harry Potter Pencils.

7) Booklovergifts – Magical Notebooks


Once again we are going down the stationary route with this set of 3 magical notebooks by the website Book Lover Gifts. This set costs £10.99. Again these are suitable for any age group of fan as they are practical or a collectors piece!

BookLoverGifts – Magical Notebooks

8)Book Depository – Harry Potter Illustrated Edition


Recently released in October 2015 is the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone illustrated edition by Jim Kay. This is a full illustrated hardback edition following one of our favourite stories by J.k Rowling. RRP for £30.00 you can find this book on sale in numerous shops and retailers, one of the best websites I have found so far with the lowest price is Book Depository who are selling the book for £15.00.  This is a new exciting edition to the wonderful world of Harry Potter, a great gift for any Harry Potter fan and another wonderful piece to add to their collection!

Book Depository are also a great website to order off even if you live outside of the UK because they offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. Therefore you can grab the great deals and get free delivery!

The Book Depository – Illustrated Edition

9) Etsy – Wand Pencils

wand pecils

I strongly feel that Christmas 2015 is the year of Harry potter inspired Stationary, another original and unique gift idea are these fabulous Harry Potter Inspired Pencils found on Etsy by the seller RachelisFantasyIsland . These are on sale for £3.00 and their are 5 different styles to choose from, alternatively you can get the set of 5 for £15.00. A perfect gift for someone who may want a replica wand but not want to spend a large price or for someone who wants a little bit of Harry Potter Magic with them each part of everyday.

RachelIsFantasyIsland – Wand Pencils

10) Hogwarts Library


Last but not least is this wonderful Hardback Hogwarts Library set which includes 3 books by J.K Rowling. These books feature Hogwarts in some way, therefore the perfect gift for the fan who never wants the Hogwarts Magic to end.

The set RRP is at £25.00 however this can be found on Wordery for £16.41 with Free Worldwide Delivery as well as Book Depository and Amazon for £17.

This set comes in a beautiful red hardback box with the Hogwarts Crest and the 3 books within this set are;

  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them – This book is currently being made into a movie with Eddie Redmayne. Therefore if the Harry Potter fan in your life is looking forward to the movie then why not get them the book to read first.
  • Quidditch Through The Ages
  • The Tales of Beedle the Bard – This book was given to Hermione by Dumbledore in The Deathly Hallows.

Book Depository – Hogwarts Library

So there it is, 10 Harry Potter Gifts for the Harry Potter fan. Of course you could always by the movie set if they are yet to watch the movies! 

I hope this inspires you, if you would like to see any other Christmas Gift Guides for another popular film/book franchise then let me know!