Christmas Gift Guide – Bookish Gifts on a budget

Hey Guys! 

It’s December, it’s Christmas time. Cue panic for gift buying and sheer amount of ‘WHAT COULD I BUY FOR THEM?!‘ moments.

As we all know Christmas can be pretty expensive, it all adds up and I have rather a big family so it definitely is for me but I thought it would be a fun idea to do a Christmas Gift Guide, bookish gifts on a budget. Have a loved one in your life who loves reading? then keep on reading to see some websites/options you may not have considered. Remember its the thought that counts not the monetary value.  Continue reading “Christmas Gift Guide – Bookish Gifts on a budget”

Bookish Haul – Skinny Hues

I came across these beautiful bookmarks on Instagram; they are by the Etsy Seller ‘Skinny Hues’. They are pieces of watercolor paper torn to create a bookmark shape then they are painted with watercolors to create such vibrant and creative colorful designs.

I couldn’t resist making an order, each bookmark was approximately £2 or less, which is an absolute bargain considering the time it takes for them to be made and how beautiful they are. The seller is located in Germany and they arrived promptly and packaged safely within a matter of days.


Skinny Hues offers an array of different colours and designs allowing you to pick the background colour you wish to be behind your chosen design. They also offer a request/custom service where they can create a bookmark for you if you have a particular design in mind.

The bookmarks I decided to get are; (in order of image)

I’m excited to get into tackling my To Be Read shelf with these new bookmarks to use; they are truly unique and a great addition to a bookmark collection any other book obsessive person will enjoy!

I can see myself visiting this Etsy store often to see what new designs they have…

Check out Skinny Hues Etsy Page Etsy – Skinny Hues Store