Why I left the Book Community & Returned.


It’s Hannah, you might remember me and you might not since I’ve been absent for nearly a year now. I never had any intentions of leaving blogging and the book community behind, but life happened and here we are.

This post is all about why I left the Book Community and why I’ve chosen to return, but don’t worry I don’t plan on boring you with what I was up to for the past year. What I really want is to start a fresh if you’ll let me?

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Discussion: Feeling Lost in the Book Community

Hey Guys,

It’s been a week or so since my last post, I’m sorry about that. I had so many idea’s for Christmas gift guides and just christmassy posts but life has been hectic, between my masters degree and my job I feel like there is no time. Today I wanted to do a discussion post on something which has been niggling at me for a while and it’s feeling lost in the book community. 

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