Reading Slumps and Deadline Drama…

reading slump


Hands up if you are a fully fledged member of the Reading Slump Society – by this I mean do you constantly find yourself in a reading slump or are you in one now? Because I sure am. 

My last book review was posted on February 17th and my last post was exactly a week ago today on February 24th. Why haven’t I read anything? Why haven’t I been posting as often you may ask? Well as you may know I am in 2nd year at University and I’ve had numerous deadlines with even more coming up but as well as this I have had to choose my unit options for third year, think about my dissertation and do the preparation work for and the work given after each day at uni. As well as this I also have a part time job, therefore my weekend time is taken up with work so free time is becoming an issue and its safe to say at times I have been really struggling and my reading has taken a hit.

I hate getting into reading slumps and they are always brought on by my university work making me stressed and ruining the fun of reading for me to the point where even the thought of picking up a book sounds too much. It’s something I really hate, my advice for anyone else that suffers through Reading Slumps is always re-read a book you know you love, it may inspire you to get back into your old reading habits but this isn’t really working for me. Therefore I am coming to you guys, my fellow book lovers to ask for advice and tips on how to overcome reading slumps? What has been your most effective technique to kick that reading slump away and get back into the joy of reading a book.

It makes me sad that when I’m in a reading slump my joy turns into the idea that reading is a chore and it’s not. I know I love reading, I love how it grants you with the power to delve into hidden worlds and experience different lives. As George R R Martin once said ‘A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only once’. I just need to get back into that love once again and I’m going to be working on different ideas for my blog which will enable me to post more. One of my units I study at Uni is Film therefore I may incorporate film elements into my posts, perhaps looking at movies I have watched or trailers that have peeked my interest.

Please comment below letting me know your thoughts and any advice for kicking those reading slumps away. What inspires you to blog or pick up that book you have been putting off?