Its nearly been a year… so where have I been?

April 15th 2019.

That was the last date I updated my blog and you’re probably wondering, where have I been? In all those days and months that passed, I must have a fair few stories to tell?

To sum it up very fast, I passed my driving test, I worked, I graduated with my masters, I got sick, I got my heart broken, I went on holiday, I got a car. I lost my love of reading. 

Nothing drastic changed in my life… I got sick and i’m still having some tests but quite frankly the thing that made me stop blogging was simply my work. I work in Marketing and PR and since last being here, I have had a promotion which means more responsibility and more clients. It’s stressful at times but I’ve got a much better handle on it now. When I left, my job was using up all my creativity, I would pour myself into my job then come home and watch Netflix to switch off. I stopped reading, I stopped blogging and I disappeared from this world.

In-fact I lost my love for reading during this time too and I am desperate to get it back. I haven’t read a new book since last year and the one I did read, was a re-read and even then… I skimmed it. I never forgot about my blog and this community though, I kept wanting to make a come back and force myself to find my love once again but I never did. Until this week… I forced myself to log in and I noticed the statistics. Whilst being away, my blog has lived on and people still visit every single day which made me realise that people actually like reading what I have to say? That’s crazy to me BUT it means the world that you wish to listen and read along to my words. So I’m determined to come back. So buckle up guys, because we are about to go on a journey. The tale of how a girl finds her passion once again. Are you in?

I’m not sure where to start so if you have any suggestions or requests then please comment below as I would LOVE to hear them. I’ve missed you all terribly and I am so sorry for disappearing.

Here’s to making 2020, OUR year. 


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