XO Hannah | Dabbling in Poetry… (Kinda)

isn't it funny

One day i’ll stop accepting less than I deserve. 

I’ve wrote snippets of poetry and spoken word before, but these past few months inspiration has hit and I decided to put pen to paper… or fingers to the keyboard I guess and note down the thoughts swimming in my head.

I tried to come up with a name for this new thing I want to share and I couldn’t so i’m simply calling it xo Hannah. Words from me to you, I hope they resonate and I hope they might make you feel less alone in your thoughts if they do.

It kind of makes me feel stupid, silly and that people will laugh. My anxiety is high with this but let me know what you think, if you like this new weekly thing I plan on doing. I’d love to hear your thoughts and whether you like to read life quotes like this?

I am also posting these on my instagram which I have revamped slightly if you are interested. You can find me here: @mortalreaderx

xo han

9 thoughts on “XO Hannah | Dabbling in Poetry… (Kinda)

    1. AH thank you so much!! I hope other people like them, I always feel childish but speaking to my friends when they go through relationship, boy or girl drama we always have the same feelings so I hope they resonate with others too xx

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