Harry Potter Studio Tour Haul

Hello Witches, Wizards, Muggles & No-Majs. 

I am back to do my Harry Potter Studio Tour Haul for all the magical goodies I picked up during my trip last week. If you have yet to read my post about my experience there then you can do so by click here; Harry Potter Studio Tour.

Before going to the Studio Tour I told myself I was just going to go ahead and buy whatever I fancied… that logic came from having such a crappy time at work lately and thinking I can spend my wages on things that will make me happy to come home to. I actually did really well at reigning myself in and not fangirling too much to buy every little thing.

So let’s see what magical goodies I got shall we?

Dumbledore’s Wand – Elder Wand

I knew I really wanted to buy a wand when I visited the studios. I have Hermione’s in the Ollivanders packaging and it was really difficult to decide which to get this time but Dumbledore’s won. It is just so pretty and the detail is outstanding.

Chocolate Frog 

When buying chocolate frogs you have no way of knowing what wizarding card you are going to get. They are all mixed up and covered in cellophane so I was really happy I got Albus Dumbledore which matches my wand. Clearly it was meant to be.


Butterbeer Souvenir Cup

I actually got this when I tried the Butterbeer icecream. A must for any potter fan! You can pay that little bit extra for a souvenir cup rather than a regular one.

Swarovski  Lightning Bolt Necklace

I always like to look out for bits of merch I can wear all the time which are more minimalist style and I fell in love with this when I saw it. It’s a lovely high quality and they also had other styles… perhaps another purchase will be made in the future.


Gryffindor Metal Bookmark

Gryffindor of course because that is my house… have to represent! I have never used a metal bookmark before so that will be new.


Order of the Phoenix Keyring

I have never seen a Keyring like this and for the Order of the Phoenix before. I love it!


Great Hall & Hogwarts Postcards

I couldn’t resist these two postcards, i’m not sure what I will do with them yet. Perhaps get a few frames and put them on my wall? I just think they love lovely.


Hogwarts Tankard Glass

What’s really lovely about this glass is how it has a faint design in the background behind the crest of the animals of each house.


So there we have my Harry Potter Haul! I think I did really well not to go too overboard in the shop and I am really happy with all of my purchases. They are all amazingly high quality and you can see a great amount of detail has gone into each of them.

Remember…. Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

lets talk

What is your favourite Merch piece?

Have you bought anything Potter related recently?






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18 thoughts on “Harry Potter Studio Tour Haul

  1. This post is so wonderful 😍❤️
    I would love to visit the Harry Potter studio one day! I absolutely love the wand you got as well as that lighting bolt necklace – it’s absolutely stunning 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They also had ones in the shape of the deathly hallows which were super pretty. You’ll be staring at the cabinets for ages like ALL OF IT PLEASE… then remember oh I’m not rich 😫 I’m not harry I don’t have tons of galleons 😂

      Liked by 1 person

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