How Bookstagram Helped Me Fall Back In Love With Reading | Discussion

Hi Book lovers!

Today I wanted to come at you with a discussion type post on How Bookstagram Helped Me Fall Back In Love With Reading. 
Skeptical and thinking how could Instagram help someone like reading more?! Well your like I was then and I didn’t expect it to work. 
Me and reading have a tense relationship, I love it but it doesn’t always love me and I have SO many reading slumps and finding a way to come out of them is difficult. Sometimes it’s just a case of literally forcing my butt down on a chair and reading.

When I first started my blogging journey, I started an Instagram page as well and would post every so often just basic pictures of my books but I never took it too seriously. Then following Christmas for which I got money towards a new camera I decided to delete my old Instagram and start a new one and try to ‘bookstagram properly.’ Since then I have noticed a change in my reading habits and feelings towards reading for the positive. 

bookstagram feed


Well I think it’s because I’ve fallen in love with the whole process of taking photos, editing them and uploading them. My photos are at no level the same standards as some bookstagrammers out there, but for me I just have this feeling of pride for myself when I see my consistent theme. Or I feel happy when I upload a photo and I think ‘I TOOK THAT.’ It’s a hard one to explain if I’m honest.
Whilst bookstagraming comes with its own downsides, draw backs and pressures which I will discuss in this post as well, it has also made me so much happier and excited about reading. Before starting my bookstagram I would look at my bookshelf, see the intense list of ‘To Be Read’ books I owned and I shyed away from them under pressure. Bookstagramming has helped me get over this with the excitement I have to post all kinds of shots, I’ve taken photos of books I’ve owned for ages and it’s made me feel excited to pick them up again. Almost like reliving the moments I first bought them.


Remarkably for me, I have yet to have a reading slump so far.  Yes were only in February but I would usually have had two weeks by now where I didn’t want to blog, read or anything especially with juggling university, work and assignments as well. The only slump I have had, was a week in January but that was actually mental health related but I bookstagrammed and read throughout as it helped me relax.

I also find that taking photos has been so peaceful for me, it’s another creative outlet which makes me feel less anxious and just helps me to relax from arranging the background to editing them. When I go onto my bookstagram now I feel proud because it matches and I feel nice to have something else to be proud off alongside my blog.

Now as mentioned, bookstagramming can have its downsides. Since I haven’t officially been doing it for so long on my new page then I can’t comment too much but for me the starting issues have been the algorithm. The algorithm for Instagram is frustrating, it makes it so posts don’t appear in order on feeds so therefore you could potentially not get as much traffic. I only have a few followers so I don’t expect to receive many but I have to admit that when I’m really proud of a photo it does make me think its rubbish if it doesn’t reach say over 30 likes…. But I’m not doing this for popularity, I’m doing it because I love it. But it’s very easy to get caught up in statistics.

Finally bookstagramming can also be very overwhelming because there are so many pictures everywhere. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed but for me it’s all about enjoying it for me and not focusing on what everyone else is posting or how I compare to them. As long as you keep reminding yourself that, then you can handle the sheer size of the amount being posted everyday.

My New Instagram name is mortalreaderx  and I am honestly really enjoying this journey so far and how it has helped me become more excited with books again. I hope that the enjoyment continues and I can’t wait to see how my bookstagram shapes up in a few months time.

I have included some shots I have taken in this post, please let me know what you think of them!

Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on bookstagram!

28 thoughts on “How Bookstagram Helped Me Fall Back In Love With Reading | Discussion

  1. I have a bookstagram but I don’t post anymore now. It’s so time-consuming and I only have time to take photos and edit them during weekends, which I usually spend on catching up with the intense school work. And now I’m so much more satisfied with my blog than bookstagram. So I’d rather blog in the little free time I can get instead. I still use my bookstagram account to look at bookish photos, it’s just that I don’t think I’ll post anything there soon.

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    1. I get you completely! Now I’m back at uni, im definitely feeling that nagging feeling of oh gosh I need to take photos but when do I have the time?! But I’m pushing it aside because I’m focusing on keeping it for fun not to get stressed by it! 💕

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  2. I love your The Cruel Prince image! It’s lovely. And even though I didn’t enjoy City of Bones, your image would have made me pick it up! I must admit, I’m not a bookstagrammer, but I will be following yours! Wonderful post!

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  3. Love the pics! You have a lot of potential as a photographer, definitely continue your photographic adventure! I relate on a lot of the things said here, Bookstagram can be a bit overwhelming. Since I’m actually going through quite some busy times, I’ve decided to quit my attempts at a theme and just post whatever feels right! I’ll drop you a follow, my insta is @andreasnirvana 💛 Great post!

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    1. Followed back 💕 which you’ve probably noticed but I’m just catching up on comments so I apologise 😂 YES! Post whatever you want and just go with the flow. It’s fun and hey you do it for you so let’s not let it get us stressed x

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  4. Ahh that’s so great that bookstagram helped you fall in love with reading again! Your pictures are sooo pretty you deserve more followers. I used to do bookstagram but,,, I got suuuper lazy haha. Now I occasionally post a bookish picture if I have a review up lol

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  5. Your pictures are so, so pretty, I love them ❤
    I am so happy to hear how bookstagram is making you so happy and motivated to read, I think I can understand the feeling, getting back to old, forgotten books or new ones waiting to be read and taking pictures of these, has to renew the love for them for sure ❤ I'd love to try bookstagram some day, but I have little time and even less patience to take pictures, I think I would get very frustrated with it, haha. Oh, I think I'll just watch your feed and be happy with your gorgeous pictures ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Thank you sis! Means the world coming from you, your travel pictures… EVERY picture is always so good! I’m really trying not to get frustrated with it, it’s more relaxing more than anything so I’m just going with the flow with it 💕

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  6. I love this post SO much, Hannah 🌸
    I feel like it’s really uplifting and SO positive and I’m so happy that bookstagram has made love reading even more! I’m also so happy that you’re enjoying it ☺️

    It can be super stressful though, I know how much hard work it can be and I’ve contemplated starting up mu account again but I just don’t know. I’m glad you’re doing it for yourself though 🌸


  7. this post was lovely! I love being apart of the bookstagram community, but I will admit, the algorithm has really been bringing down activity on my page 😦

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    1. Thank you for reading! I have to admit the algorithm lately has really been sucking for me as well but today it seems better so hopefully it might be getting there now! I hope it improves for you soon


  8. Instagram has become my go to social media! I still use Twitter but mostly to catch up on things. I don’t really interact that much there anymore. Bookstagram has allowed me to connect more easily with spanish speakers so that was a good thing for me. Just keep posting an interacting. It’s an uphill battle but like with blogging, the journey is everything. You get to try new things and figure out what works and you keep improving and it’s awesome, in spite of sometimes getting discouraged.

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