Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare | Spoiler Free Review

Title: Lord of Shadows (Dark Artifices #2) by Cassandra Clare lord of shadows 1.jpg
Genre: YA Fantasy
Pages: 699


Emma Carstairs has finally avenged her parents. She thought she’d be at peace. But she is anything but calm. Torn between her desire for her parabatai Julian and her desire to protect him from the brutal consequences of parabatai relationships, she has begun dating his brother, Mark. But Mark has spent the past five years trapped in Faerie; can he ever truly be a Shadowhunter again?

And the faerie courts are not silent. The Unseelie King is tired of the Cold Peace, and will no longer concede to the Shadowhunters’ demands. Caught between the demands of faerie and the laws of the Clave, Emma, Julian, and Mark must find a way to come together to defend everything they hold dear—before it’s too late.

My Review

Lord of Shadows is the second installment in the Dark Artifices Series. For my Spoiler Free review of Lady Midnight please click here.


In order to write this review I have to reign in my fangirl to form coherent sentences. If this review makes sense then please give me a high five?

Lord of Shadows is a phenomenal read, from start to finish every page rammed up the high intensity from tensions between the Downworlders and the Shadowhunters due to the Cold Peace to tensions in character relationships.

I don’t know where to even begin with the plot for LOS, so much happens. There is deaths, fights of course, shocks, angst and destruction! Firstly the book starts with and continues with Kit learning that he is a shadowhunter, following the death of his father he must learn now to be alone without any family in the Shadowhunter world. He also has the Herondale name to live up to now!

Despite the original good vs evil storyline of the Shadowhunters working together to take down the Dark force, for example Valentine Morganstern or Malcolm (LM). This book also has the Blackthorn family and their allies attempting to overcome the Centennials such as Zara and the Dearborn family who are terribly prejudice towards the Downworlders. Cassandra Clare brings forth the political and social side of the Shadowhunter world and how there is a struggle for the rights of Faeries, Vampires, warlocks etc. I found this really interesting as it also developed the world to an even bigger degree.

The romance in this one is strong guys, but you need it to counter act the amount of tears this book will also make you have. SO MANY TEARS.
Of course I won’t reveal anything but this book does feature deaths of characters also featured in Lady Midnight so be prepared with the tissues on standby. But whilst I am sad to see the deaths, it is also a positive to Cassandra Clare’s writing as war brings death. Some authors never want to sacrifice there characters like this and that is what makes it more like reality. SETTING

The setting for Lord of Shadows is so expansive and beautifully described. There was so many different journeys along the way from London, Cornwall, Faerie realms and Idris. The world building that Cassandra Clare takes you through in this book is nothing short of exquisite. 

We also get to see the Blackthorn Manor, Los Angles Institute and the London Institute which we last saw in The Infernal Devices series.


My absolute favourite thing about Cassandra Clare’s writing outside of her beautifully description worlds is her inclusion of such diversity in her characters. Lord of Shadows features multiple perspectives from Dru, Livvy, Kit, Julian, Emma, Mark, Christina and more which is something I adored. With so much going on in this book I loved being able to see the different elements from different character’s eyes.

In terms of the diversity elements, LOS features LGBTQ characters such as homosexuality and a transgender character. Which I did not see coming and I thought Cassandra Clare introduced this wonderfully as the character was given the time to discuss the transformation, the past and what the future held. It was a lovely moment to break up the tension.

Furthermore LOS also has cultural diversity with the inclusion of the wonderful Christina and Diego who are Latina and speak Spanish. I love the inclusion of the Spanish dialogue in the book. It further develops the world for me as they mention the Mexican institute and then proceed to converse in Spanish.

Finally we also see diversity in Ty’s character. With the introduction of Kit becoming friends with Ty and Livvy the notion that he may have Autism is introduced. Once again Cassandra Clare introduces this in the most respectful way and the book also features Kit learning how Ty’s life is like to him, for example how he likes to wear his headphones to break up the noise. I found their friendship so beautiful.

LOS also features some of our favourite characters from The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices like Clary and Jace, Magnus and Alec. Sadly no Isobel and Simon. I WISH. There was also mentions of Tessa, Jem, Will and Jessamine. I love how each of the stories can interlock like this, I like seeing my favourites as time has gone on. I love seeing what they are doing now. RATING

Lord of Shadows is an undoubtable 5 stars for me. I can’t believe I didn’t pick it up sooner, of course I won’t last this long when Queen of Darkness comes out because this one ends on such a cliffhanger! I NEED IT NOW.
This book is so easy to get into and fall back into the shadowhunter world, the description is beautiful and the world building extensive. I really hope you all love it as much as I did.

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Have you read Lord of Shadows? Did it break you with that ending?!

Let me know if this is also on your TBR!

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