I blinked and it was over…August Wrap Up.

Hi Everyone!

Happy September. I’m just flabbergasted (yes I just used that word) that we are already into the 9th month of the year? It is flying by. September though is my favourite month, because it is my birth month. September 16th and I will be another year older… Which I will not accept.
This month I feel really proud of myself with my reading and blogging. I feel like this is the most I have ever posted and read?!

book read



The Winners Curse | The Winners Crime | The Winners Kiss by Marie Rutkoski

Overruled | Sustained by Emma Chase

By Your Side by Kasie West

The Night Circus by Erin Morgernstern

Empire of Storms by Sarah J.MAAS

So I officially read 8 Books this month and I still need to write 6 of their reviews… oopsy. Overall I am happy with my reading choices this month and I am finally knocking off books from my TBR which is a goal of mine for this year.
I’m looking at you The Night Circus. 



I posted 10 times this month. I am never this organised, but I know I have been using that scheduling button well this month. I have really loved all the responses I have been getting this month from all my posts especially my discussions. Learning what all your guys’ opinions are on a subject is so interesting.


There are always so many posts around the blogging world which I love, please find below some of my favourites this month;

Michelle @bookadventures – How to make friends on WordPress  | books with delicious treats
Heather @thesassybookgeek The Hidden Gems in Fantasy
Michelle @thewritinghufflepuff – How To Make Aesthetics
Izzie @ravenclawbookclub– Used Books: 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Them
Aimal @bookshelvesandpaperbacks 5 Fantasy Tropes I Love
Nyx @drizzleandhurricanebooks – My Life As a Book Blogger’s Sister
Marie @drizzleandhurricanebooks– Talking About My WIP


So how have I been doing this month?
I can safely say I have been pretty stressed, whilst I have been organised with my blog and scheduled posts rather well (the best I have ever done at least) I have been struggling to keep up with blogging, my job and life. I have been waiting to hear about my Masters applications for so long now because my applications got delayed due to tutors dragging their feet with references. The courses would start on September 18th so it’s cutting it very fine for me and basically I’m questioning everything because of it.

Other than that, I have reached 425 followers on my blog which is phenomenal?! I mean I can’t believe that you all follow me and want to read what I blog about. I love each and every one of you and interacting with you is the highlight of my day. Thank you for your continued support.  I also have some other news… I started writing my own Young Adult book. I’ve had the idea for over a year and I have begun writing it a few times and finally I am really focusing on writing it. I am feeling inspired and just know I want to get this story out there.

Not to reveal too much but I am writing a Dystopian/Fantasy type book which will of course feature a strong female lead who I have had named for the year and now holds a special place in my heart. I hope I can continue writing it and let you read it one day.

Let me know how your August has been! What have you read? What are you going to read next?



14 thoughts on “I blinked and it was over…August Wrap Up.

  1. Oh I’m so sorry this has been a bit of a stressful month for you, Hannah. I hope you’ll hear from your Masters soon, it is always the worse having to wait for these kind of things. If you ever need to talk or rant about anything, I’m always here! 🙂
    CONGRATULATIONS on the followers, Hannah, this is fabulous, you deserve every single one of them and so, so many more ❤ ❤ and I am so happy to hear about your writing project, I hope it will go well and I can't WAIT to hear more about it – hope you'll want to share a bit more with us, once you're ready, obviously 🙂
    Other than that, I'm glad to hear you had such a great blogging and reading month. Hope September will be great for you! ❤

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    1. As you will know from my twitter as I suck at answering comments fast lately, I heard from my masters and have got on both courses! I’ve made up my mind now and gone with the one at the university I studied my undergrad at because I feel it’s best for me and my anxiety as well. Thank you for being here for me Marie ❤ Hope you have a fabulous September!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. AHHHH CONGRATULATIONS!!! I must have missed it, twitter swallows every single tweet, it’s so hard ahah to see everything. I’m SO happy for you! ❤ ❤


  2. Sorry to hear that you’ve been stressed, I hope it’s sorted out soon! I can imagine waiting to hear back is very stressful.
    Congrats on reaching 425 followers; that’s amazing! On too many more 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing my post ❤️

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  3. Yay! I’m so happy you had a good month, Hannah 🌸
    I’m so looking forward to your reviews for The Night Circus and The Winner’s Curse trilogy – which I still have to finish, by the way 🙈 I’m so sorry to hear that your tutors have been dragging their feet with your refrences, that sucks! But I’m sure everything will work out and I’m holding thumbs 💕
    I wish I could send you all the books for your Birthday, instead I hope you have a really good month xxx

    P.S. Thanks so much for sharing my posts.

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    1. Your welcome lovely! That is so sweet but don’t be silly I wouldn’t want you to spend or send anything to me. I am just greatful you spend your time to listen to my rant and send me pictures of puppies etc on twitter. Which book are you on for The Winner’s Curse trilogy? xx


      1. Aaaw, but I totally would’ve if I could 💕 Plus I love reading your rants and other posts! I’ve only read the first book, which I didn’t enjoy, but I think I was in a weird reading space at the time so I’m planning on rereading it soon and then deciding whether to continue or not 🌸

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      2. I’m the same with alot of books as well, there are bunch I need to give another try because I feel like I wasn’t in the right reading space or time for it. Like Legend by Marie Lu, could barely get through a chapter of that but I went through a lack of reading when I first picked that up so definitely need to give it another go!

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