Wizarding Wares and Places I wish were real!

Hey Guys!

Today’s post is Wizarding Wares and Places I wish were real. Harry Potter is full of things I wish were real, I mean I wish the whole world was and Hogwarts was a school I went too. But because these sorts of posts are particularly popular I decided to make this a little smaller and only include things that weren’t too obvious so you won’t see wands, brooms and invisibility cloaks on this list.

Felix Felicis


A bit of liquid luck? Yes please. I can think of tons of times I could have used this throughout the years. I think we could all use a little luck sometimes right?

Hogwarts Feasts


I imagine attending Hogwarts is amazing, flying lessons, transfiguration and all sorts of spells? It all sounds amazing but the FEASTS. They always sounded SO GOOD and looked amazing in the movies. I wish they were real. I imagine having them everyday of the school year could go a bit over the top but for the big events like Christmas. Pass that turkey right on down Ron. 

Triwizard Tournament 

tri wizard.jpg

We’ve had Total Wipeout, Release the Hounds and Ninja Warrior  (all UK Game shows) how about the Wizarding game show the Triwizard Tournament. It could be up there with the Ashes and the World Cup. Am I weird for wishing this was real considering how the one goes in Goblet of Fire? Remove Voldemort and the Deaths and this would be amazing.

And obviously with the Triwizard Tournament there would have to be the Yule Ball.
Of course there are balls around but nothing would beat the Yule Ball. The snowy backdrop and the beautifully wizardly crafted dresses and all outfits.

yule ball

Weasley Joke Shop and Gifts!


I love the Weasleys so much and if this place was real it would be on my visit every week list. It would be such a fun place to visit and everyone running around having fun and buying jokes would put a smile on my face!
I only wish both brothers would be there to see it grow.

Love Potionlove potion.jpg

I’ve just thrown this in for fun I swear… I do need one though. Where can I find a man who also likes to read? Do they exist….

A big batch of magical candy


‘We’ll take the lot!’ – Harry is a boy after my own heart with that statement. Chocolate Frogs and Bertie Botts Beans, YUM. I love the lady from the Trolley.

I particularly would love Chocolate Frogs and collecting all the Wizarding Cards and seeing them move about. I’ve always loved the idea of moving photographs and posters, the moment Harry gets the photo album from Hagrid is one of my favourites. Being able to see the joy spread on your families face in a moment would be so lovely, anyone can plaster a fake smile on and pretend it’s real but a moving photo would really capture the true emotion.

So there we have my small list of places and things I wish were real from the movies. I wanted to try include things that aren’t too obvious and wouldn’t be like every other list out there so I really hope you liked this one!
I’m currently re-reading Prisoner of Azkaban and they just mentioned Cedric Diggory. My heart….
 I’d be interested in knowing what Wizarding Wares and Places you wished were real. Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

Happy Harry Potter 20. SIGN OFF



7 thoughts on “Wizarding Wares and Places I wish were real!

  1. Oh love this post so much! We could all use a bit of liquid luck once in a while and…to be honest, I’d be so intrigued in seeing the love potion in action. Maybe not on me, though – I don’t know, what if we fall for someone that’s actually awful because we’re under a spell? Haha.
    Also, YES for the tournament, that would be sooo incredible – and so much more fun than the Total Wipeout shows, that’s for sure. Because, MAGIC ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, I think it’s even more important to fall for someone that respects our bookish craziness and endless ramblings 😛 (and leaves us ALONE when we want to read or cry in a corner about characters hahaha)

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