#harrypotter20 – The Ultimate Potter Products to add to your collection!

Hey Guys,

Monday 26th June 2017 marks the 20th Anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone so to mark the anniversary I have a bunch of posts coming your way. Today’s post is the first for this Very Potter Week and is going to be The Most Unique Gifts to add to your collection. These are the ultimate collectors pieces I have come across and they are so beautiful, unique or things I haven’t seen before.

 If you haven’t seen my post telling you all about my Very Potter Week plans then you can find it here.

house pride.png

House Tie in Madam Malkins Box
Noble Collection

Tie - Copy

You’re probably thinking House Ties you can buy anywhere right? But what makes this so special is it is 100% Silk but it also comes in a Madam Malkins Collectors Box. 

The Godric Gryffindor Sword
Noble Collection


Professor Slughorn’s Hourglass
Noble Collection

Slughorns hourglass - Copy

As Professor Slughorn becomes Head of Slytherin House I think his hourglass can class under House Pride Items. I think it is absolutely gorgeous and an item that would look amazing in any collection especially if you want something Harry Potter related that is slightly understated.


Ravenclaw Diadum
Noble Collection

Ravenclaw - Copy

Dark Arts.png

Bellatrix Lestrange Wall Display Mask
Noble Collection

BellaTrix Mask - Copy

Lucius Malfoy Cane with Wand
Noble Collection

Wand - Copy

Mechanical Death Eater 
Noble Collection

Death Eater Prop - Copy

I think every Harry Potter fan has to admit that these items would make the ultimate collection. I haven’t seen any of these items out there only Lucius’ Wand but that was without the Serpent Cane attached. 



Replica’s for Firebolt – £280.00| Nimbus 2001 – £240.00

I have never seen anything like this before. I’m just imagining these mounted on a wall. If I got one I definitely would constantly be trying to see if it ever worked for me…

other props

Wizards Chess Set  – £45.00 | Philosopher’s Stone  – £85.00 |
Gringotts Coins Collection – £26.00

These items are the original musts for an ultimate collection I believe. All items featured in the beginning journey for Harry Potter. His first experience with Gringotts Coins, him learning to play Wizarding Chess with Ron and finally the Philosophers Stone.

Triwizard Cup  – £108.00 | Golden Egg  – £70.00

Again items which are unique and you don’t see on every Harry Potter site. For those who have the Goblet of Fire as their ultimate favourite Harry Potter book these would be the ultimate collection pieces. They are so gorgeous. 
I’m forever wishing the Triwizard Cup was real and that I could attend the Yule Ball.

So there are some pieces which I came across which all made me think WOW. 

Can you imagine having a collection with all these items? I think I would love just a Harry Potter filled house with everything in. That would be the ultimate dream. I mean Hogwarts would be the ultimate ultimate dream…

Let me know in the comments what your favourite Harry Potter Piece would be!



11 thoughts on “#harrypotter20 – The Ultimate Potter Products to add to your collection!

  1. Wow, I love all of these items! To be honest, the Bellatrix Display Mask kind of freaks me out hahaha I would not want to own that. I love the chess game and the philosopher’s stone, I did NOT know they did that one!! Okay….definitely going to save up for that one ahah. Lovely post 🙂

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    1. If I had the Bellatrix mask I would need to have it away from me, imagine if you had it in your bedroom and woke up? I’d be scared someone was there! It looks so freaky. Thanks Marie! It was so interesting finding all the items, I didn’t know they did half of them. like the brooms?!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha oh no, I can’t imagine this – I’ll have nightmares about it now hahaha. 🙂
        right?!! I did not know about the brooms either. It’s crazy how many items there are about Harry Potter. We only need the magic to make it all real 😛

        Liked by 1 person

  2. A Harry Potter week is such a good idea! My dad actually has the Gryffindor tie, and we saw a lot of these items at Universal Studios! They are all so awesome.


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