My Dream Reading Space/ Library

Hey Guys!

Today’s post is going to be something different and super fun.
I’m going to do a post on designing my dream reading room and library based on the company Arhaus.
Arhaus is an American company which provides an array of furniture, lighting and all your home needs. They also use natural materials which is something you don’t see very often with most big furniture retailers. I love that they use organic and natural materials.

I am not being paid or sponsored to do this post. I thought the idea was fun and I  wanted to get creative and come up with my own Dream Reading Space!

Personally I still live at home with my family and my room is only small so I’ve dreamt about having a library for years. A place I could go and be surrounded by my books and relax. I remember the first time I watched Beauty and the Beast and how I wished to have a library the same as the one the Beast gifts Belle. I think that library even though it’s an animation is on all our dream library wish lists.

In my head my dream library and reading space is a room where I can be surrounded by books and bookish items with a window facing the woods or water. I currently live in front of a woods and my bedroom overlooks it so I’ve always found it super relaxing to be able to read and look up and see the trees. I’m also away from the main road so I don’t get the pesky annoying noises of cars!



Athens Library – Black Bookcase 

This particular Bookcase I would love to have in my dream reading room, it really reminds me of Beauty and the Beast but that could simply be because of the ladder. I think this would look beautiful. I would have the colour black because even though it is a dark colour I think the multicolored book covers would truly stand out against the black background.




Skull Pillow |Faux Fur Throw | Grey Sofa | Black Desk | Library Work Bench |  Swivel Chair

Can you believe chosing the Sofa was the hardest decision I had when making my dream room? In my mind I wanted one that was perfectly a mixture of comfort, somewhere you could sit or lie down and their website has so many options in their Sectional Sofa’s.

For me my Dream Reading Room and Library would be all about comfort. Having somewhere I could escape to after work and cuddle up with my favourite book. I would want a sofa to lie upon and a chair just in-case I wanted to sit in a different position and of course a throw to get really comfortable and warm!

If I had my dream reading room I would also like a desk in there so I could sit and work on my blogging or creative writing. Preferably with the desk somewhere near the window so I could look out at the view and write away. I can just imagine my room like this now with all my Harry Potter Merch scattered around the bookshelves surrounding me as I lay across the sofa after a long day at work just relaxing and reading. That’s the ultimate dream. 


book inspired


Whilst I poured over the website looking for items which inspired and matched the image of my dream reading space and library in my head I came across these three items which seemed very bookish and knew I needed to share them with you.

5 Light Table Candleabra – doesn’t this lamp just scream Beauty and the Beast? As soon as I saw it, it’s all I could think about. I think something like this would be a Beauty and the Beast lover’s dream and would look lovely in a small reading room.


Eastbourne Cabinet – The Black Cabinet reminded me of something you would see in Sirius Blacks House at Grimmauld Place in Harry Potter Or Malfoy Manor!

Franklin Brass Weighted Lamp – As soon as I saw this lamp, I immediately thought this Lamp is something I picture to be in Albus Dumbledore’s Office.  Especially the office from the Movies.

Harry Potter DUmbledore office.jpg

So there we have my Dream Reading Room. I would love to hear about your dream library and reading room so feel free to do this post and tag me in it so I can check them out!

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      1. I went searching and found a similar one at Cost Plus World Market! About $600 and it had pretty good reviews. It’s another $100 or so for the ladder. Planning on getting 2 eventually, for either side of the fireplace 🙂

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