I hate to do this but… Hiatus

Hey Guys!

I absolutely hate that i’m writing this post right now because I don’t want to go on a Hiatus but I need to. As you know I am in my final year of university and currently i’m trying to write 2 essays and a dissertation for the end of April then my exams start. I’ve cut down my part time job hours and now I’m cutting down my blog time.

I wanted to write this just to explain to you all what is going on and why I might not reply to comments fast or why you might not see me on twitter or on your blogs for a little while. At least until my essay’s are out the way then after that I have exams so I may find an hour or two to come on here and  break up revision. This hiatus isn’t going to be too long, my last exam is the 16th May then I will be free from Uni and back. Sadly  I have no posts scheduled but I have some ideas of posts I want to do when I come back. I also have some books to read and review so I may pop up during this hiatus time once or twice then disappear again for another week or so.

I didn’t just want to disappear. I didn’t even want to admit I need to go on a hiatus but i’m getting so stressed lately, my anxiety is becoming worse again and i’m feeling so much pressure.

I’m sorry for having to do this but I hope you stick with me for this month until I return.

Hannah x



2 thoughts on “I hate to do this but… Hiatus

  1. It is most definitely a good thing that you just didn’t do a disappearing act and wrote about it first. But still, I understand! School takes up time and you can’t blame yourself at all for that. Good luck with your exams!


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