Where to buy cheap books?

Hey Guys!

Today I want to bring you a post about Book Shopping. Books are a luxury and  a privilege for many. We all know they can be so expensive so I wanted to do a post on websites I use for Book Shopping, hopefully I can help you get a good deal on your next book haul!

When buying books I tend to do a search of an array of websites before I click buy on one particular one. I always go where I can find it cheapest unless I have finished a book with a cliffhanger and need it the next day, in that case Amazon is my best friend for one-day delivery.

Book Outlet

www.bookoutlet.ca | www.bookoutlet.com

I used to purchase of Book Outlet via their Amazon UK Store. However sadly they no longer have that, although I am keeping my fingers crossed that it returns. Book Outlet has both an American and Canadian site and for those of you living in the US or Canada then be sure to always make it your first port of call. Book Outlet have fantastic deals on books and continuously run discount offers so make sure to sign up for notifications via email so you never miss out on their discounts and sales.

Book Outlet sells an array of books but it is so fantastic for Hardbacks. Some examples of the books they currently have for under $6 are

Blackhearts – Nicole Castroman | Empire of Storms – Sarah J. MAAS | A Court of Mist and Fury – Sarah J.MAAS

Best for: Cheap Hardcovers!
If you are a book lover and don’t care too much about a scratched cover then also check out their Scratch and Dent page!


Book Depository


Book Depository is great for a number of reasons, if you’re international then Free Worldwide Delivery. But it also offers different book covers and books in other languages so if you wanted a US Hardback but you live in the UK like me? This is your place. I purchased my American Hardback of Lady Midnight from here for just £12 I think it was. The prices they have for the international covers aren’t super high either which is so good because if you used another website the delivery fees + the cost of the book is usually insane.

International Book Covers. 

The Works


This one is for my UK/Northern Ireland Book Lovers. I’m afraid The Works doesn’t deliver internationally. The Works is a website and shop that sells art supplies, crafts and books. Like Book Outlet they regularly have discount codes so sign up for their emails and be sure to check out their website for any discounts they have going on. The works is also great for Boxsets, you could get a series for £15. So good especially as you could be paying £8 per book in Waterstones. I usually tend to nip into my local store every time I go into town to see what they have on offer, I purchased a Hardcover Copy of The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey for £1.50 from here.

Examples of Box sets they currently have on offer:

Game of Thrones – 7 Book Boxset £29.99 | Cassandra Clare – The Mortal Instruments 6 books – £15 | The Young Elites – 3 books £6

Currently on Sale: Blockbuster Film Collection – 3 books
The Lovely Bones, Philomenia, The Silver Linings Playbook – £2:00

Best for: Discounts & Box sets.

The Book People


The Book People now offer International Delivery woo!
I have ordered from here just the once actually so far but my experience was brilliant. Like the other websites they regularly have sales and discount codes so SIGN UP FOR EMAILS! I can’t stress this enough because you could save so much money. When I ordered from The Book People I got The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon, Hardback on sale for £2 and also I got PaperTowns by John Green – Hardback for another £2. Both books I am still yet to pick up a year later but they were so cheap, how can I not get a deal that good when I see it?

Best for: Cheap Books & Discounts

Abe Books


This site I  found middle of last year and I’m so glad I did. I recommend it to my friends all the time especially when buying university text books because the cheaper we can get them the better right?
This site offers you the chance to buy new or used books from tons of different sellors. It’s like ebay for books but the sellers are bookstore owners. I adore this website. I have managed to save so much money and have had an amazing experience. I got Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Hardcover. First Edition and Signed by the author Laini Taylor from a sellor on here with Delivery all for under £3. Now if that’s not a steal I don’t know what is?




Waterstones usually is one of my last points of call if I’m honest because they usually are the same RRP price as the back of the book states BUT they are extremely good to check out if you are looking for a Special Edition, New Release or a Signed Edition. I ordered the New Lord of Shadows Special Edition recently because there is only a few available, it includes a deleted scene of Emma and Julian (OTP) and a MAP. Waterstones do also offer international Delivery 🙂



Amazon UK | Amazon US

DUH Hannah. Everyone knows about Amazon? I’m not talking about the regular Amazon I mean the Used Section of Amazon and the Outlet Section. Yes Amazon is like a multi layered fortress of deals. 

The New and Used section on Amazon can save you so much money especially as most places sell ‘Like New’ books for so cheap. I myself have a really small room so I don’t have the space to display books like I wish I could so I always tend to go for paperbacks or hardbacks if it’s a cover or deal I can’t refuse. If you also don’t mind the look of the book, if it’s got a split spine? but the story is perfectly fine? Definitely check out Amazon to see what they have!

So there we have a list of places to check out when you next do your book hauling! I hope this post was helpful or introduced new sites for you to check out! Let me know you’re favourite place to buy books online!


16 thoughts on “Where to buy cheap books?

  1. This is the post for me, I always like to read books but sometimes getting the book from a library is just NOT ENOUGH. But when is it ever enough.. Anywhooo, if I get some nice books from a store at a cheap price, then I’ll definitely feel satisfied. 🙂 Great post.

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    1. Thank you! I’m exactly the same, if I love the book then i’m like I still need to buy this for my own collection. My local library isn’t great though with being such a small town so they don’t have many of the newish ones so I end up on amazon anyway!

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  2. I haven’t used The Book People in years but I remember buying a book on there for £1 before I was so happy with that find 😛 I also really like The Book Depository for the cute little bookmarks you get with your order

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  3. I’m an Amazon deal kind of girl, haha! But I’ll definitely check the other sites! Living in France often means I can’t have free delivery so it sucks, and some friends have had issues with bookdepository but I should think about checking everywhere before jumping to buy a book, especially as I’ve decided to cut back on the budget!!! Great post!

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  4. I so wish Australia had a Book Outlet kind of website, haha. Although maybe it’s good that it doesn’t because I’d spend ALL my money. I definitely don’t use Book Depository as much as I should because it normally takes like 2-3 weeks to get here and I’m super impatient. I always end up paying a few extra dollars for Australian book stores because it only takes about a week and I get free shipping by going through booko.com.au so in my head that justifies it 😂🙈 I definitely plan on using BD for some special editions I have my eye on though (when I can spare the $$$).


  5. Oh thank you for taking the time to put this post together, Hannah, this is so useful! I’m used to ordering on Amazon since the delivery is free – well it’s super cheap for books, it’s one cent hahaha, but I order on Book Depository at times and my experience has been just as good. I need to cut back a bit on buying so many books, so I’ll definitely compare everything beforehand thanks to you 😀

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    1. I really need to cut back on book buying too because I have so many on my bookshelf I still need to read but then I look at them and think oh darn most of these are series so that will require buying the rest?! haha! Glad you liked this post Marie!

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