March Wrap Up | Magical Month.

Hey Guys!

We are officially in April. I’m going to be that cliché and say it… I can’t believe it. That means I am so close to finishing my final year of university. Ah that is terrifying. Just a few months to go.

Panicking aside from my general life, I am feeling pretty confident with how my blog is going. I am surpassing follower counts I never dreamed I would get and I’m getting organised scheduling my posts and getting them up without having a long hiatus!


This month was a Harry Potter month for me. I read 3 books, which seems like nothing but I want to give myself a pat on the back that I managed to read with all the work I have going on.  Here are the books I read:

half blood prince.jpg



Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince 
J.K Rowing
5 Stars.

Spoiler Free Review Here


beedle the bard 2



The Tales of Beedle The Bard (Hogwarts Library Collection)
J.K Rowling
4 Stars.

Review Here





Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
J.K Rowling
5 Stars. 

Spoiler Free Review Here



So there are the three books I read this month. I am so glad I finally got round to finishing The Harry Potter Series, whilst I love the movies. The books are so much better because they feature so much more. I definitely want to already re-read the series but I do want to get through some books on my TBR first.Untitled.png

This month I have also started watching some of my favourite TV Shows again from the beginning to help relax me when I have been feeling so anxious. The two I have really been focused on are:

baby daddy         new girl






New Girl – This month I have managed to get two of my friends to start watching New Girl for the first time and I have successfully got them hooked. It is so funny. I could never get bored with Schmidt.

Baby Daddy – I wish I could buy this on DVD here in the UK so I could just binge watch the show. I love Baby Daddy and each of the main characters equally although Bonnie and Tucker are so good when they are in scenes together.


red queen book cover
Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

I hope you all had a great March. Let me know in the comments what you have been watching and reading this month and what you plan on reading now we are in April!

19 thoughts on “March Wrap Up | Magical Month.

  1. Wow, I like the sound of your March! 🙂 Good luck with the remaining weeks at university, it flies so fast! I wish I could go back because it was a time where everything was better for me 🙂 Also, congrats on reaching a good number of followers and managing your blog with all the scheduling, I still have issues scheduling too far in advance! I hope April treats you well!! x

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  2. Wow, you really meant it with that Harry Potter month. Well done! And I love the sitcoms you watched. Baby Daddy is just so adorable and New Girl is just so quirky and fun. Great choices all around 😀 I hope you have a great month of April!

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  3. I also started watching New Girl last month and I’m so addicted, it’s so good and funny! I’m so happy you finally finished Harry Potter! Have a lovely April 🌷

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    1. It’s so good isn’t it! My friend got so hooked she messaged me ‘I might do a teaching course… I don’t know if that’s because I actually want to teach or if i’ve been watching too much new girl?’
      She has a degree in psychology already so it made me laugh I made her love it that much!
      I hope you have an amazing April too Michelle! ❤

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  4. First of all, congratulations on getting more followers – you deserve thousand and billions, you are such a sweet and perfect blogger and person overall, Hannah, you deserve the WORLD. ❤
    Also, best of luck for the upcoming months and the final moments of university, I hope you'll enjoy it to the fullest and try not to get too stressed out about it. You are doing great I am sure ❤
    I LOVE New Girl and Baby Daddy so, so much – especially the latter. It's such a fun show!
    I wish you a wonderful April, Hannah! ❤

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    1. Marie you have seriously made my day 2000x better. Thank you so much for your kind words, you are so sweet yourself and your blog is serious goals!

      Yaaay you love New Girl and Baby daddy too! That makes me so excited, are you watching the latest series of Baby Daddy right now? (as in now as it’s released not like right this second). I hope you have an amazing april too lovely! ❤

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      1. You’re welcome! ❤ < 3
        Yes I am, I'm watching the episodes as they are released yes! I'm SO happy you love that show just as well – who's your favorite character? ❤

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      2. Aww yay I can fangirl with you as it happens, Pregnant Riley with her bump! cute. Ah a favourite is hard but I love Bonnie especially when she is with Tucker. I find her hilarious! What about you?

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      3. Right?! She is so cute. AND YES I agree with you, I love Tucker so much I think he’s my favorite, and whenever he is with Bonnie I laugh so hard haha.

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