Golden Globes – Meryl Streep is ICONIC.

Hi Guys!

So I have been absent for a little white due to Illness and University priorities, some essays have had to be written. I wanted my first post back since Christmas to be a book review but after the Golden Globes last night I had to make a post regarding Meryl Streep and all the twitter drama today. Frankly I don’t know why I even bother to look on twitter and read some of what these ‘people’ have to say.

Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech was beautiful, after years of working in Hollywood she didn’t spend the time talking about herself instead she went up onto that stage and made millions of people worldwide listen to her talk about the reality of what is going on in America right now. Something that affects every country around it, her speech called for kindness and has been met with people telling her;

‘keep out of politics’ 

Why? Shes a human before an actor, she has the right to speak up with her opinion and use her position in society which she has earned to stand up for those whose voices are being stamped out. She speaks more realistically than the people within politics themselves.

‘No more Meryl Streep Movies for me’

Good, don’t watch them. Who cares honestly? Do you think she is going to be at home crying about the fact you won’t go to watch one of her movies? No she will probably be thankful that someone with such views isn’t going to. She is an icon, you not going to watch one of her movies will not effect her in the slightest.

‘How Ironic she spoke about being kind but bullied someone’

How ironic that you class her speech as bullying when not once did she actually name the person and she spoke nothing but truth. She told actors to band together in the future and help the media from someone who wishes to censor it with statements of ‘dishonest media’. How ironic that you think it is bullying to tell the truth, how blindsided you must be to think it is lies and just hate mongering.

‘she should of found common ground with him’

This is one of my favourites,one I saw whilst scrolling through twitter and said by a lady at Fox with Friends. Awful statement if you ask me, the issue she holds with Meryl using her position is stupid. Stupid how she hates that someone with such a position is speaking up for those who have no voice because of how unfair society actually is . How funny that she argued that Meryl should have found common ground? Where is Meryl going to have anything in common with him seriously?

Oh I know maybe she should have shared fake tan tips perhaps?

This whole thing makes me angrier and angrier as I think about it, the man commented about her on twitter calling her ‘Overrated’, THIS IS A MAN GOING TO RUN A COUNTRY?! HE IS GOING TO HAVE NUCLEAR CODES PEOPLE.
He jumps onto twitter like a baby throwing their toys out of a pram for not having their own way. Surely he should have decorum and be like ‘you know what I have my haters but maybe I should acknowledge the voices and see what I can do to turn it around’. But oh wait I forgot who I’m writing about. The same day Meryl did her speech, North Korea posted a message to USA regarding missile testing… No acknowledgement of that.

But then I suppose this is the same man who also said he did not mock a disabled reporter… just go onto youtube and watch the interview he did. The same man who continuously says  the ‘dishonest media’ – it sounds very much like he wants the media to be full of propaganda and censorship. The media are dis-honest, but not in its representation on him, its dishonest with how it doesn’t show all news, it’s dishonest with how when a white man gets attacked it reaches headlines but a black man getting attacked doesn’t even make it in.

I sit, wonder and pray that society doesn’t sit back and let history repeat itself. This man is very reminiscent of Hitler and the Nazi’s, the segregation of Mexico is just one example of him being so. Build a wall to keep them out? Hmm sounds like the BERLIN WALL. 

I pray for every marginalized voice in America right now, the fear you must have for the next four years. I pray that from all over the world our voices can band together and not give in to such a man, I pray that history does not repeat itself and I pray that it is not allowed. No matter what you do, keep raising your voice and DO NOT LET ANYONE SILENCE YOU. 

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