She’s pretty but…

She’s pretty but…

She could lose a few pounds,

She should wear different clothes,

She should try wearing more makeup,

She should try wearing less makeup,

She should try doing her hair,

She should try to be natural.


What is natural?

Is it the glossy photoshopped image in the magazine?

The plastic surgeon who would fix me?

The makeup artist who would hide my flaws?

The hairstylist who would redo me?

I wonder when society will learn to love me for me,

I think that’s the first thing I have to learn personally.

Hey Guys!

So here is my second attempt at writing poetry, this one is called ‘She’s Pretty But…’, again this one is inspired by my own experiences. Growing up I had the experience of being called fat everyday and how I could make myself ‘look better’ but this all came back to me the other day when I was overhearing a group of 16-year-old boys talking about a girl who they said she was pretty but would benefit from losing a few pounds.

Seriously? How damaging does that have the potential to be. 

It angers me so much, boy or girl you shouldn’t comment on someone elses looks or weight. You don’t know what they’re going through, you don’t know that, that comment could then push them towards an eating disorder. Being called fat pushed me towards that same route, words have the potential to damage and ruin someones self-esteem, confidence and ultimately their life. Never forget that.

I hope you like this poem.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below 🙂 

–  Hannah x


18 thoughts on “She’s pretty but…

    1. Thank you lovely! Hope you’re doing ok and your family. Your exactly right nothing is good enough, i’m debating whether to do a section on my blog linked to discussions on role models or inspirational people. I was actually going to do Jennifer Aniston because she wrote a letter/article on something similar to this. I don’t know if people would want to see it though…

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    1. Thank you lovely! It means so much, because I honestly sit there after writing one like this sucks so much and its so nice to hear that people actually like it and actually have sort of an emotional attachment to it and the story it features! ❤

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