Poetry Attempt #2

I’m frigid if I don’t let you touch me

A whore if I do.

There’s no in-between for me

But plenty for you.

I wear a dress because I think it looks good

But apparently I wear it for you

Because if I wear long sleeves or trousers

What good am I to you?

I dance with my friends and sense you behind me

A breath on my neck. I don’t want you there

But you think you have a right to

You say I should be grateful you’re even looking at me,

Talking to me and touching me

But I never asked you to.

You think you own my body

But that’s simply not true.

This is a poem I wrote, I’m not sure if it’s even a poem or if it’s  good? 
I know very little about creative writing but I got the inspiration from past experiences, of men grabbing me when I was out with my friends for a night out. It happens so often, it used to make me feel sick a man old enough to  by my dad trying to grab at me or touch my bum as I walk past, sadly it became so often I would stop shouting at them not to touch me. Instead I would walk past, head down and hope I could get through a crowd without being grabbed at, frankly a night out would leave me feeling less than a human and more like an object for someone else to stare and grab at.
It’s sad how something like that becomes part of our routine.

After I penned this, I wanted to share it not only to get my thoughts out there but I feel so many of you will be able to relate.
I hope you like it, I would love to hear your thoughts.

I got the inspiration to share my poem from Gretchen @chicnerdreads, she shares her beautiful poetry on her blog and I wanted to try it for myself, she is someone who inspires me with her words. Whilst I am super scared to share this, I have to say I got a sense of release and freedom by getting my thoughts down and out there.
Be sure to check out her blog for her wonderful poetry and book goodness!


 Let me know if you would like me to post anything creative again in the future…


9 thoughts on “Poetry Attempt #2

  1. This is so beautiful Hannah…so freaking touching and beautiful and I am so EFFING PROUD!!!! And I can relate so much to this. I cannot wait till you post more and I get to read more of it. I am so happy that you felt a sense of release and freedom. Thanks for mentioning me in the end. Keep writing, never stop ❤


    1. Thank you for reading Lauren! It definitely needs to stop, after watching that Ted Talk I shared on twitter I feel in a serious girl power mood. I hope I get the inspiration to share more. Love you girl your support means the world ❤


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