Discussion Post: Reader’s Guilt

Hey Guys,

Today I want to do another discussion post, I love these. I love reading them and I love writing them, I think it’s a good percentage because I love ranting.

I apologize that my reviews and posts have taken a hit lately, I feel like I haven’t written a review in a while but as you will know a family member of mine recently passed away. On Monday we attended her funeral, whilst things have been a bit strange and I’m feeling behind on my Uni work I am hoping that I’ll be posting away like usual soon.

Today I want to talk about Reading Guilt, now this is something I suffer from all the time. Being in my final year of university, I always have something I could be doing but sometimes I just want to read and that’s when the guilt kicks in. Say I should finish off a textbook or be finding articles for my dissertation but I decide to read a few chapters of a book I picked up for pleasure rather than education. I end up feeling really guilty about it, but this never stops me. Why?

If I know I have done all the work I should have in that day then I never stop reading a book for pleasure because I know I need to take a break or once I read a little I can tell myself I’ve had a relaxing break and get back to doing some work and that’s OK but why do I always have this guilty feeling inside no matter if I do work? It wouldn’t be healthy to spend all day everyday doing work and reading purely for university. Is it something just ingrained into us so that we feel we can always do more?

I want to know do you ever suffer from Readers Guilt? 

I’d say its a good thing if you fight the guilt and carry on reading, as long as you know you will get to your work and pick it up soon so you’re not behind on deadlines. Don’t allow yourself to become bogged down in work and stress, take some time to yourself and come back at it with a fresh mind.

I have to admit sometimes my Readers Guilt is deserved, I’m a master at procrastination. If they did a degree in it, I think I could easily get it. When I know I should be doing work, I have to throw the book from my hands and make sure to pick it up or if I continue reading I don’t let myself read for as long the next day. If you are in university and struggling with the balance of university and reading for pleasure then a reward system is a really good way to attempt to get work done. Need to do a bunch of work? Set a goal say for example read 2 chapters then read a chapter of your own book.

Books are my weakness so I can never seem to turn them down when they tell me ‘read me’, it just takes a level of organisation and motivation to choose when the right time to read is.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever suffered from Reader’s Guilt? Do you just continue reading or punish yourself and make sure you do more work?




4 thoughts on “Discussion Post: Reader’s Guilt

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss, sending you tons of hugs, and always here ❤ ❤
    I really enjoyed reading this post, and it makes me feel less alone to see you suffer from the same kind of guilt. I am always tempted to get my book and READ when I know I have some other more pressing things to do, but… sometimes I can't help myself, especially if I am too into the story to stop. I think it's good to try and say, "one more chapter", or like, reward yourself with a chapter of the book once you've done all the boring stuff we have to do before haha 🙂

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    1. Thank you lovely ❤ From writing this, i've found there are a bunch of us out there that feel guilty for reading! Your definitely not alone, sometimes you just need to pick up a book and read to destress before you can start on the more pressing things! 😀

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  2. Sending all the love your way, Hannah ♥

    I definitely experience reader’s guilt especially when I’m doing other things instead I don’t need to be doing instead of reading. It’s actually happening now because I have so many books I want to read before the end of the year, but I’m just reading comics instead 😅 I definitely don’t think you should push yourself though because that’s how slumps kick in. I don’t think we should feel guilty either, but I can’t help it haha.

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    1. Thank you Lauren ❤ Isn't it so weird how we make ourselves feel guilty for reading something different than a book? Slumps happen so often for me, It probably is when I force myself to read something for uni instead aha!


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