Book Travelling Thursdays! – Book Recommendation Theme

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Today’s post is something a little different, I have decided to do the Book Travelling Thursdays Tag set up by Catia @ The Girl Who Read Too Much and Danielle @ Danielle’s Book Blog. I have been reading Catia’s posts for a while now and I always find it interesting to see the book covers from around the world and I always wanted to try it myself. For more information on this tag be sure to check them out on their Goodreads Group Page(Click Here) where you can join for yourself and find the themes for each week.

This week’s theme is – ‘Sometimes we get great recommendations… Choose a book someone recommended to you that you loved’.
I decided to choose November 9 by Colleen Hoover as it was recommended to me by Catia and I absolutely adored it. To read my review for it please click here.
To summarise my thoughts on this book simply – I found it unique, heartbreaking and romance filled. It’s a book that will warm your heart and also make you cry. 

Cover from my Country – United Kingdom

November 9 British Paperback

Covers from Around the World 


Left – Illustrated Edition – USA  
Middle – Macedonia
Right – USA


My Favourite Cover:

november 9


The USA cover by Simon and Schuster is by far my favourite. I have the UK Cover myself and i’m not a fan of the necklace in the jar. I prefer the USA version because the pages symbolize Ben’s book with the city backdrop within the number 9 and Colleen Hoover’s name symbolizing the city in which it is set – Los Angeles. Everything has a meaning and a purpose.

Not to mention it’s just prettier!

My Least Favourite:

Illustrated Edition USA

I think my least favourite is the new cover for the USA illustrated edition, I personally am not a fan of covers which show models on them as I like to go into a book with a clear head and picture the characters without an influence. 

www.colleenhoover.comGoodreads Book Page | Goodreads Author Page

What’s your favourite and least favourite cover? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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