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Hi Guys! I’m coming to you with a book tag today; the Fall Activities Book Tag which I was tagged by Catia over at @thegirlwhoreadtoomuch. Who I’m sure you have seen me mention so many times by now, make sure your following her she’s great!

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After reading Kat’s @LifeandOtherDisasters Review for ‘It Ends With Us’ by Colleen Hoover I really want to put that but Catia also put that in hers so I’ll go for a little bit different and say…



The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey.

This has been on my TBR for a while however my friend recently watched the film (which I am yet to see) and said how good it was. I’m also hoping I can tie this into my Dissertation if it works out. I’m excited to see what this book holds.



Corn Maze.jpg


Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

I have lost count of how many times I have read this book, each time I do it is like the first time. I love Miles and Tate and their relationship. It is both heart-breaking and heart warming.





I don’t actually read anything Scary so I don’t have any book that has scared me in a ‘AHH NO!’ kind of sense. I’ve read books that have scared me in the sense of I could see a character death or a plot twist coming and I didn’t want that to happen so it scared me.
In that case either of these:





I purchased Matched by Ally Condie the other day, I was looking for books which were within the Dystopian Genre that I could also link to my Dissertation and this came up. I’m excited to see what it holds and hopefully I like it!








Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

This book is absolutely beautiful, despite knowing how the story would end it gave me incredible hope for the two main characters. Their love story is beautiful and heartbreaking.


edge of glory

Edge of Glory by Magan Vernon

I’ll keep this short and sweet – I wasn’t a fan of this book, I had such high hopes and they shattered.


Harry Potter

Any Harry Potter book by J.K Rowling

I can always curl right up with a Harry Potter book and lose myself in the story and the magic. A perfect book for any season and any weather!




Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

I didn’t read Harry Potter until a few years back whereas Twilight was the book series that made me fall in love with reading. Whenever I think of it, I think of being a teen continuously having to read the series over and over because I loved it so much. Having birthday cakes in the Twilight Style and going to see the new movies with my friends.





I don’t like anything remotely scary, I get freaked out too easily and have nightmares and I can’t deal with that. My overactive imagination is great sometimes but for scary things? NUH UH SO BAD.

Thank you for reading! I loved doing this tag I found it really fun to think of books which matched each theme.
Thank you again Catia for tagging me!  

I tag:

Lauren @wonderlessreviews – Lauren loves a spooky story so she will offer some amazing suggestions for all you Halloween Lovers!

Gretchen @chicnerdreads

Heather @thesassygeek

If you have already done this tag or wouldn’t like to do it then feel no obligation to do so 🙂






7 thoughts on “Fall Activities Book Tag

  1. Thanks for tagging me! I loved loved loved Ugly Love! That book shattered my heart into tiny little pieces. I wonder how you’re going to like Matched because I hated that whole series lol. Good luck with your dissertation =D

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