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I was tagged to do this by @thesassygeek, be sure to check out her blog for awesome reviews, tags and general book loveliness!

 I am super nervous for this because I decided to also include a photo of me along with my Vital Stats, I once had one on my profile at the side but I got really self conscious and took it down. My anxiety is telling me not to do it but i’m determined to stamp that little voice out of my brain that has made me so self conscious.

Vital Stats

Name:  Hannahme.png
Nicknames: Hanny Spanny, Stingray/ Ray – I don’t know why my brother has just called me that since forever
Birthday:  16th September
Star Sign:  Virgo
Occupation: Student but I also work in Retail


The fear is totally real to add a photo of myself into this, my anxiety is screaming at me to not do it…



Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length:  Medium- Long
Eye Color:  Bluey Green
Best Feature: I like my eyes
Braces: No
Piercings: Earlobes and a Cartiledge Piercing
Tattoos:  No
Right or Left: Right


Real Holiday: My first family holiday which I remember is Portugal
Best Friend: A girl in my primary school called Olivia
Award: Sports Day Award from school for winning an event (I can’t remember which one)
Sport: Swimming and Dancing, my mum would take me to lessons each week
Concert: I finally went to a concert when I was 18, it was The Script. It was AMAZING.


Film: Dirty Dancing, it makes me cry every-time and fills me with happiness. Nobody puts baby in the corner!

dirty dancing.gif
TV Show: Oh Boy so many! Friends, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Greys Anatomy, Vampire Diaries (up until Elena left), Gilmore Girls I could go on forever
Color: Turquoise, Pink any pastel color really
Song: I have tons but I love Katy Perry’s Rise at the minute.
Restaurant: Is it bad I want to say Mcdonalds? I rarely have one as the closest is over 30 minutes away so it’s a rare treat.
Shop: any bookstore but clothes wise I only really shop online from – I spend half my life looking on their.
Books: I love a bunch but my all time favourite? HARRY POTTER.
Shoes: Nike Trainers, I wear them all the time. They are so comfortable.


Feeling:  Stressed out and in pain because I think my wisdom tooth is starting to come through
Single or Taken: Single
Eating: Nothing at the minute but I just ate orange jelly…
Thinking About:  The amount of uni work I have to do, my dissertation idea and what posts I want to do for my blog
Watching: Friends – I think Chandler is my Spirit Animal


Wearing: Sweatpants and a comfy t-shirt – it’s my day off so relaxing is a must


Want Children: maybe, I’m not too sure
Want To Be Married: yes
Careers In Mind: publishing, anything with books really. I just want to love what I do
Where You Want To Live: I’m not sure

Do You Believe In

God: yes
Miracles:  maybe
Love At First Sight:  no
Ghosts:  not really
Aliens: I’m on the fence because I always look at conspiracy articles or like theories on Area 51.
Soul Mates: again I’m on the fence, I think some people are made for each other
Heaven:  yes, I don’t think that life ends when you die. How can we go from so much to nothing
Hell: I like to think that those who perform evil are punished
Kissing On The First Date:  yeah why not, go ahead
Yourself: I would love to put yes but I don’t think I do. I doubt myself so much

Yaaaay you made it to the end, high five friend.

I tag:

Lauren @wonderlessreviews

Catia @thegirlwhoreadtoomuch

Gretchen @chicnerdreads

Ashleigh @afrolicthroughfiction

and anyone else who would love to share more about themselves.




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