Discussion Sunday: SPOILERS

Today I want to talk to you about SPOILERS, the word we probably have all dreaded one time or another. Spoilers are a personal thing when it comes to a reading experience, you might actively seek out spoilers before trying a book yourself because let’s be honest books are expensive and if you’re not sure if you’ll like a book you might not want to buy it. You might also be like me and not like spoilers.

I really wanted to do a discussion post on this as a few weeks ago I was a victim of a book spoiler, I was reading a blog post for a book I wanted to read but I wasn’t actively seeking out spoilers but rather trying to find out what other people thought of that book in terms of ratings. I thought I was safe because nowhere in the post stated that the review would include spoilers but then it happened… I read and by the point I realized what I was reading it was too late. I had found out the main plot point which would be revealed, the ending and the love interest. What did I do? What any other book blogger would do of course I went to twitter and posted a tweet about my shock and hate for spoilers.

Following on from this I was interested in seeing what other people think about spoilers and if you think it’s part of a blogging rule that reviews should give a spoiler warning, I personally think yes, spoiler warnings are a must.

Personally whenever I write a review I don’t reveal anything that is a major part of the story and I often say ‘I won’t spoil it, or I won’t be a spoiler Sue’. I hate spoiling a book for somebody else, I want to write enough to entice you to read it without ruining your reading experience. Whenever I know a spoiler I’m waiting for that moment to happen therefore my whole reading experience is changed.

However also Spoilers can also be fun and exciting when you want to fully discuss a book and get into the nitty and gritty of what you loved and hated. I don’t mind spoilers when I know there coming and I have actively seeked them out.

If you are new to book blogging then I would definitely advise spoiler warnings, you could put them in your title, in the beginning of your post or even as you are about to reveal a spoiler. This gives the reader of your blog another moment to click away if they want to. Also this tip can be used for those who don’t like to include spoilers, writing Spoiler Free in the title of your blog post immediately will draw people to your blog, especially if it is a review on a new book that they wish to know more about without being spoiled.

Let me know in the comments your thoughts on spoilers, do you like them, hate them? How do you mention spoilers in your blog posts?





11 thoughts on “Discussion Sunday: SPOILERS

  1. This is perfect timing because I got spoiled for a book series today 😫😅 I was reading a review for a book I’ve read so I ventured into the spoilers thinking I was safe, but nope – it also spoiled a book I hadn’t read. I was so angry, hahaha. I honestly don’t get why people can’t write *Spoiler Warning* and specify what will actually be getting spoiled. It’s really not that hard??? ESPECIALLY for new releases. It’s so inconsiderate.


    1. YES! just a little pre warning would be so lovely, how annoying that they ruined a book for you in a review for a book you’ve already read so you didn’t expect it at all. It’s going to be interesting to see everyones thoughts on this 🙂

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      1. Riiight. It shouldn’t be that hard 😂 I still haven’t finished The Hunger Games because I was spoiled for the entire series on Tumblr and this was waaay before the first movie had even been released so I don’t think it was too much of me to expect people to use spoiler warnings SIGH.

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      2. NO REALLY?! Gosh I hope you manage to go back to it, it was such a great series. I’m actually thinking of doing my dissertation on it well Katniss specifically. It makes it worse that it was even before the movie!


  2. Once I went to pinterest because I was searching for fanart and cute pics and I got huge spoilers for vampire academy and I completely hated it! But worse than that, it’s finding spoilers in reviews – again, it was a va spoiler that I already knew, but still, I hated it, because the person didn’t warn anyone about it! If I wanted to talk about a book with spoilers I’d let anyone know, so that they could avoid them :/

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    1. Its the worst isn’t it, my friend once completely ruined Allegient for me after I had just bought the box set. I’ve still not read Divergent because of her. Spoilers definitely suck, I think people need to make sure they post warnings 🙂

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      1. Definitely! I was spoiled for allegiant too, actually those who weren’t yet are very lucky. Insurgent and Allegiant weren’t very good tbh, but I loved Divergent, maybe you should give it a chance 🙂

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  3. I don’t really like spoilers, especially because whenever I see one, or like, see warnings or something, there is this small part of me tempted to highlight, click, or DO something to see what the spoiler is. I am too curious for spoilers, haha.
    I usually never mention any spoilers in my reviews, and when I do, I state it at the beginning of my review. I think that’s the right thing to do : writing a review without any warning, and then ending up with the book completely spoiled for you, I HATE when that happens 😦
    Great post ! 🙂

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