Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme set up by brokeandbookish, I apologize that this post is late and you are getting Top Ten Thursday!  As you may know I am back at university now and third year is already crazy. But better late than never right? I promise I will get better with scheduling and writing.

Without further ado here are my Top 10 Villains and Why, I decided to include a range from books, TV series and Film.




I am a big fan of Transformers –  the movies with Shia Labeouf. I could pretty much watch them all day, although I am not really a fan of the 3rd one mainly the first 2 with Megan Fox. I really liked her chemistry with Shia and they set the movies for me perfectly. Therefore Decepticons must be on my list, they are so brutal and I find it so cool they can transform into such little shapes to fit onto planes and into other technology. 

What would we do if the Machines did turn evil and turn against us?



Jane. URGH. I couldn’t stand this girl and I still can’t.
Twilight was a huge part of my life growing up, I would constantly re-watch and re-read them to the point that it was every week I was doing so and Jane was just pure evil. I loved how she couldn’t hurt Bella and would get so frustrated trying to.


Gone Girl


To put it simply; WHAT AN ABSOLUTE PSYCHO.

Jessica Jones


Killgrave is definitely one of the Villains I love to hate, he is also rather interesting to watch because he gets his victims to do such strange stuff such as buy him gifts. David Tennant plays him so well. 

H A R L E Y     Q U I N N
Suicide Squad


This is my choice of Villain who I just LOVE. I love Harley Quinn especially Margot Robbie and Suicide Squad. She was by far my favourite character, I found her funny and I even wanted to cry at one point. Of course she is a Villain but it’s also interesting to see who she was before she became bad. 

A R A M A N T H A 

I hate her, I hate her, I hate her. She was so evil. Most villains just kill their enemies whereas she truly tortures them!

Pretty Little Liars
A is a villain unlike any other, there are so many levels to A and so many different people involved. Pretty Little Liars has kept me questioning for years and I lost count on how many potential A’s there was and how many people were linked to them. I can’t believe it’s nearly at a close forever…

P R E S I D E N T   S N O W 
The Hunger Games

Of course President Snow has to make my Villain list, he is so against humanity unless they are part of his capitol and high society. Totalitarian leader, although Coin should probably be next to him…

The Girl On The Train
Tom is conniving and just pure evil. I HATE him.

R E G I N A   G E O R G E

Mean Girls


What a bitch…. am I right. She’s the worst!
I’m kidding of course my real last Villain is of course…

V O L D E M O R T 
Harry Potter Series


Voldemort is the Villain who will always top the list for me, I hate him of course but also like Killgrave he is interesting. I love the flashback memories in Chamber of Secrets where we get to find out the ‘old Tom Riddle’. It added more depth to his character and I loved being able to see how he was evil all along. 

So there we have it!
My Top 10 Villains, sorry again that it is a little late. I hope you liked this post and be sure to let me know if you share any of the same choices or what yours would be in the comments below!

14 thoughts on “TOP 10 VILLAINS!

  1. Yes, Harley Quinn is by far one of my favourite villains EVER! I loved how Margot Robbie portrayed her in the film, but I also love Harley Quinn in the comics. My favourite is definitely her New 52 run, which ended recently. I’m also VERY excited to know that Margot Robbie wants to do a Harley Quinn movie, so hopefully more development on that comes soon! 🙂

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    1. I didn’t know she wanted to do one, Oh I really hope they do! I have yet to read the comics or a comic for that matter. The first is sat on my side so I definitely need to get that courage and try it out soon. I don’t really know what i’m waiting for!

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  2. I actually really, really love Amy – I mean, she IS really evil and manipulative, but she is also god-damn smart and super, super thorough. Like it takes a certain kind of planning and dedication to do the things she did in the book, and I can’t help but to think that if only she focused her attention somewhere else, she’d be like, super famous and successful. XD

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    1. Yes! She was an absolute pyscho but also I mean her husband was having an affair she was treated badly by him so she turned it back onto him 😉 It’s kind of also awesome that he couldn’t then leave her

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  3. Harley Quinn is my everything ♥♥ I haven’t seen the movie, but in the comics she’s super morally ambiguous and she has done a surprising amount of good things too. She’s one of the most layered characters ever. Aramantha was one of the few things I like about ACOTAR haha. She was such a great villain. And of course Yes at Voldemort, so iconic!

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