The One where the Bad Boy Neighbour saves the Girl next door.

Title: Rooter by Teiran SmithROOTER.png

Genre: Contemporary Romance – New Adult

Rating: 4 Stars


Sophie doesn’t care what anyone says—she wants Rooter. Labeled by the local news as a “vicious criminal,” he is the very image of one. But the tattoos, muscles , and brooding countenance only manage to intensify her interest in him.

After Rooter saves her from a pair of dangerous thugs, Sophie begins to see the man behind the visage. Regardless of the past he brings with him, and the dangerous secrets she can tell he is hiding, Sophie believes Rooter is a good man—one who will protect her with his very life.

Swept into a passionate love affair, Sophie realizes that while Rooter isn’t as evil as everyone believes him to be, being with him isn’t as easy and perfect as she envisioned. When his ex “friend with benefits” refuses to stay out of their lives, she demands he take action. Rooter refuses to cut his ex-lover completely out of his life, and Sophie isn’t sure she can accept the status quo.

When the same ex makes the accusation of a brutal crime, Sophie and Rooter’s relationship is left reeling. Will they be able to come back from the edge of the precipice they find themselves on… or will their love end before they ever even have the chance to savor it?

My Thoughts: 

I requested Rooter via Netgalley as I was very intrigued with the Synopsis, I am a sucker for a romance story featuring a bad boy, throw in some drama or angst on top of that…Well i’m your girl.

Rooter is the first book written by Teiran Smith and the first book in the Double H Romance Series, I had no trouble getting into the writing style and finding myself truly immersed into the story. However I did at times find Teiran’s writing to be overly descriptive down to the mundane, one moment in particular that stuck with me was ‘sharing a plate of sirloin tips and rice topped with an oriental sesame vinagrette’.  I’m all for description and painting a scene but this in particular was too much, simply putting that they were sharing a meal would of been sufficient. The overly descriptive writing at times made me lose my focus and pace however whilst it felt a little annoying at times, luckily it wasn’t throughout the entirety of the book and their was just moments you could pick it out.

I personally rate Rooter 4 stars, despite the overly descriptive nature of some moments/chapters, I did find the book to be very emotionally engaging. I was shocked by the ending which I wasn’t expecting at all and I also caught myself crying at other moments between Sophie and Rooter, it’s safe to say this book sends you on a bit of an emotional roller-coaster.

I want to keep this review spoiler free so I don’t ruin it for anybody so i’m going to refer to my next point as the ‘big accusation’, once you read the book you will know what I mean of course.  – Whilst I liked how the ending kept me on my toes and came out of nowhere I think the ‘big accusation’ needed more time to develop, more awkward interactions instead of Sophie running away and hiding. Of course this could just be a personal choice, but I would of liked the added tension and drama between the two. I also think it would of added another element to the story by having Rooter witness Sophie’s emotions and behaviour after the ‘big accusation’.

Another aspect of this plot which I really enjoyed was the fact that Rooter and Sophie don’t have an Insta-Love relationship,sure there is some attraction from the beginning but it’s a slow burning relationship and the sexual elements of their relationship don’t come until past the halfway point. I find this to be more realistic and the plot itself stays the main focus of the story rather than being cast aside for the sexual elements to be thrown in, instead these moments are integrated and actually add something to the development of the plot.

Finally I have to mention my hate for Rooters ex Candace, I cannot stand the woman. This is the moment I have to applaud Teiran Smith for getting me so emotionally engaged with the story that I still get angry thinking about Candace after finishing the book a few days ago, everything is still so fresh in my mind but I know I will hate her forever. She’s a psycho and manipulative to put it simply. I should also applaud Teiran Smith for her attempts to add diversity into her book in terms of the characters, Sophie herself is a Rape Victim. This isn’t a spoiler because it’s revealed straight away and it’s not hidden. Whilst this isn’t explored fully and in explicit detail, Teiran does have Sophie talk about it at different points and you can see how it has moulded her into the person she is now. Furthermore Teiran Smith also touches upon Drug Abuse as well as psychical abuse from Miranda’s brother Mike. These both play a big role into the plot and are explored in greater detail, I really liked these included because it added another dynamic to the story.

Overall Rooter is a pleasant Contemporary Romance read filled with drama to keep you on your toes. If it wasn’t for the overly descriptive nature of some chapters, I would of definitely enjoyed this a little bit more. Of course I also hoped for a little bit more description on the ending regarding the ‘big accusation’ but that is also a personal preference. Definitely would recommend to those who love contemporary romances with a thicker plot regarding realistic issues, realistic settings or strong characters.

Let me know in the comments if Rooter is a book you would be interested in reading or let me know what cliche/trope you enjoy most from contemporary romances. 


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