Discussion#2 – Where I take a chance…


Hey Guys!

Considering it’s Thursday I thought I would do another Discussion type post, this one is a little different than last week’s because it’s also a chance for me to get some recommendations from you as well as ask your opinions.

Today’s post is dedicated to Poetry and I will be sharing a poem that I have wrote with you, basically i’m baring my soul to you here and really stepping out of my comfort zone in order to do this but I think ultimately this will be a great experience for me because I will have taken a chance and pushed myself outside my comfort boundaries and I will also get to hear your thoughts.

Before we get to the poem which I have written, firstly I want to talk about why I decided to do this post.I was on Youtube and I came across a video called ‘somewhere in america‘ which is a spoken word poem by a trio of girls in the ‘Get Lit’ Organisation. I live in the UK myself and I was touched by the issues they raise, it is very poignant and can be relevant to numerous countries.

I was inspired by this video and decided that I really want to read some more poetry myself, I have covered Poetry Unit’s at university therefore I have always read them from an analytical point of view. I want to expand my reading as a whole and explore new writing and genres as well as poetry, so my first question to you is What is your favourite poetry book or even normal book? Let me know in the comments.

Preferably I want to read some contemporary poetry because I have studied the work of poets such as Keats, Wordsworth, Blake and will be covering Shakespeare again next year. Although I haven’t read anything by Sylvia Plath so let me know if you think I should start their as well!

Next I want to share my poem with you, before you read it please note that I have never written any Creative Writing pieces before. I haven’t got a clue about writing a poem, I know how to pull them apart for Rhythm, Rhyme and Meter but not the first clue about writing. So this is my first ever attempt and it’s just basically some words that flew out of me one night when I was thinking about my Anxiety.

This is incredibly nerve – wracking and scary but without further ado….




I purposely decided to use as little punctuation as possible and to keep it in lower case letters because I wanted it to be like a stream of consciousness. Raw thoughts that have come out of me. My biggest critic has always been myself and I figured I need to try something new and stop letting my Anxiety rule my life, so this is a step in taking back control and putting a stop to the fear of what others think of me. I need to step outside the shadows and take chances. 

Please let me know in the comments if you like to read poetry, some suggestions of books and poets to check out and also what you think of my first ever poem… I’m sure you can’t even call it a poem because my writing is terrible. 

Thank you for reading, it’s really scary to even consider pressing publish but I know that I need to because I am sick of constantly questioning everything about myself, comparing myself and what I do to others. I don’t want to be this way and I feel like this community is so open that I can talk to you all honestly without having to hide myself away.



5 thoughts on “Discussion#2 – Where I take a chance…

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