I won a giveaway…


On the 5th April I received an email through from Kat, owner of the wonderful blog Life and Other Disasters. Firstly I suggest you all go check out her blog, she regularly posts reviews, tags as well as one of my favourite features ‘Trailers you may have missed this week’. This section is my favourite because she includes a variety of films and like the title of the section suggests, I always find a bunch of trailers I have yet to see. Therefore once I have finished reading, I end up finding a new film to fan-girl about it’s upcoming release.

Kat recently held a giveaway on her blog for an array of different prizes, one being Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell and I won a copy!!

Here is an accurate representation of how I looked when I found out I had won:



A few days ago I received the book in the mail and Kat also took the time to include a lovely little letter alongside the book. She mentions in the letter that she is ‘reminded how important it is to find like – minded people and I am glad to have this blogging community always backing me up’ and I cannot agree more. The blogging community is so welcoming and I am so grateful to be accepted into such an amazing community, I love being apart of this community and having a place where I can talk about books with people who share my love.

Thank you so much for holding the giveaway Kat, I can’t wait till I can get round to reading Kindred Spirits!

Be sure to check out her blog: Life and Other Disasters 🙂




10 thoughts on “I won a giveaway…

    1. Thank you!
      Definitely it was so sweet how she took the time to write a personal letter to each winner. I’m so glad I finally joined the book blogging community, I don’t know why I was always so nervous. Everyone is so nice 🙂

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  1. CXongratulations! What a lovely note 🙂 Surprisingly, my sister won a giveaway for this book too, recently! I’m excited to read it 😀


      1. Yes I have, I wasn’t as hooked as everyone else though I must admit but never the less I still enjoyed it, I have also read Landline. Her writing is great. Have you read Landline and what did you think of fangirl?

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      2. I wasn’t a huge fan of it either! Landline was a nice, easy read but again, nothing too special to me. How about you? 🙂


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