TV Time Thursday!

With deadlines looming over me I fell behind on some of my TV programmes, but after having a bad day so far I realised I needed to spend some time with myself and catch up on some shows so I finally sat down and caught up with Shadowhunters.

After the first episode I was left unsure about the show, being a big fan of the books I prayed I would become more interested and invested in the show. I can safely say after watching up to episode 5; I am hooked. My first initial thoughts with episode 1 were that I wasn’t sure on the casting and the editing style had left it rather choppy, in the hopes of fitting as much content as possibly into the running time. However from episodes 2-5 I found myself liking the cast more, i’m beginning to feel the tension between Jace and Clary as well as Simon and Isabelle. Who may I just add is turning out to be my favourite character in the TV series, played by Emeraude Toubia she is exactly how I imagined Isabelle to look but her take on Isabelle’s personality allows us to feel both funny and heart warming moments.  Not to mention how beautiful is she?! Anyway… The characters are beginning to really take form for me and they are really working together.

One aspect I liked from Episode 5 was the introduction of Maryse Lightwood and how she had a stony exterior towards Isabelle but was warm and willing to hug Jace and Alec. The emotion shown on Emeraude’s face was truly exquisite as she had previously just stated to Clary that ‘Shadowhunters are not really huggers’, the heartbreak and sadness is evident.

With the new episodes we have been introduced to some new characters; Camille and Magnus being just two. The introduction of Magnus was really well done, I like the tension between him and Alec and how they are sharing little moments and looks between one another. I’m looking forward to see how their relationship develops. I’m also loving Luke being on the police force as it’s adding a whole new element to the story, allowing us to see how the ‘mundane society’ acknowledge the mysterious deaths or disappearances.

From the first episode I feel like Episodes 2-5 have feel picked up in terms of quality as previously mentioned the editing is less choppy and the episodes flow smoother but there are more comedic moments to make you laugh as the characters share little banterous moments between one another. Also the action scenes have improved and they are truly keeping me interested and excited with the action and demon scenes. [Who doesn’t love a good scene of a Vampire exploding in the sunlight?!]

Overall I am so happy I have fallen into this series, I like how it differs from the books in numerous ways because it allows us to be able to feel anticipation in not knowing what will happen next or how something will be portrayed. The cast is really working well for me, I can’t wait till next week for Episode 6.


Have you been watching Shadowhunters? Let me know your thoughts in the comments, I would love to discuss it!




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