favouriteToday’s post is dedicated to ‘Favourite Friday’; here you will find a recommendation of a book that I personally have found to be a 5 star read. Today’s ‘Favourite Friday’ is [drum roll please…]confess



CONFESS by Colleen Hoover is a book which I absolutely adored, the concept of this book is both unique and outstanding. Colleen Hoover’s male protagonist Owen is an artist who creates art work from people’s confessions, whether they be heart breaking or filled with happiness he keeps each one to create a beautiful piece of work and I can safely use the word beautiful as we get to see examples of this artwork within the book itself which shows just how unique this book is. 

Confess was awarded Goodreads Choice Award for Romance in 2015 and once you read it for yourself it is easy to see why. It sets itself on a whole new level within the Romance Genre. 

Truly a romantic journey shared by the two protagonists who are so complex and have so much depth to them that it is hard not to fall in love with them yourself. Colleen Hoover’s writing style is easy to immerse yourself into, offering the right balance of description to set the scene whilst also showing her ability to create tension and receive an emotional response from her readers.

Let me know your thoughts on Confess, Colleen Hoover or if your planning on giving it a go in the comments 🙂

Useful links;

Goodreads Page – Confess /  Goodreads Author Page – Colleen Hoover / Author’s Website / Book Depository – Confess


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