Rosemary Beach#1-3 -Abbi Glines

Title: Fallen Too Far #1 , Never Too Far #2 & Forever Too Far #3 by Abbi Glines

Genre: New Adult Romance

Page Range: Approx 300.

Rating: 4.5/5 

Synopsis: (For Goodreads Synopsis please click here Fallen Too Far – Goodreads Synopsis )

For 3 years Blaire had been looking after her mother who battled from cancer, following her tragic death she is swamped with medical bills and reluctantly has to call her father for help or become homeless. This man  ran out and left them, he also never showed up to her mothers funeral. When Blaire arrives  at Rosemary Beach at his house he’s not there, but his new step son Rush is. He’s tall, dark and handsome and the resident heartthrob and ultimate badboy. Rush  understands that he needs to keep his distance from Blaire, but some things are easier said than done. 


Fallen Too Far, Never Too Far and Forever Too Far are the first three books in Abbi Glines’ Rosemary Beach Series, featuring Blaire our female protagonist aged only 19 whose blonde and beautiful, she has lived a life filled with tragedy and has grown wise beyond her years. Rush is our male protagonist, he’s the definition of tall dark and handsome, the resident heart throb of Rosemary Beach who never fails to have a new girl on his arm.

I gave these books a rating of  4.5/5, 4.5 mainly due to the second book Never Too Far which was slightly less intense for me. The First and final books were filled with emotional and sexual tension between Blaire and Rush which made the build up to their relationship more intense to read, whereas the second one offered less build up, this is sometimes quite evident within a series/trilogy I find there to be one book that is slightly off or the weaker link. This is not saying that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy Never Too Far though because I did.

This series is full of everything you need for a perfect New Adult Romance read, of course the romance is toe curling good. Enough to have you blush or swoon at Rush’s true romantic nature behind his bad boy layers. Their is slight bits of comedy mixed in throughout but the most prominent element of these stories is the theme of  Familial Love. The premise of these stories is based around losing a parent and having to return to the one which abandoned you for help; we see this through Blaire’s Character. But we also see parental issues through every other character Woods, Rush, Grant and Nanette especially, each character is fighting their own battles and has had to grow up fast and learn to be independent.

One character I could not stand throughout the entirety of these three novels is Nanette, her constant whining and hating on others began to get really frustrating, of course she is presented like this because she is lost, she didn’t have one parent that truly loved her and showed her what love is therefore she cannot except it in Rush and Blaire. Everything becomes a competition for who Rush may choose.

Like many other New Adult Romance Novels, these three books switch alternatively between Blaire and Rush’s POV which adds to the story as a whole. It allows the reader to feel more tension between the characters as their emotions develop and it allows the story to become full circle as we are able to experience both protagonists thoughts and feelings whilst finding out what action may trigger a certain response.

Overall these first 3 novels are each an intense read, there is so much going on within them from heartbreak, to first love, sex, deception as well as family drama. Each of these elements adds something to the story of the protagonists whilst simultaneously building up the tension between them which is what makes the stories such an exciting read.  As a whole the plot we see largely features the concept of children becoming the parents, taking the roles the parents were always meant to lead with but lacked doing so.

Summarized Points for each Novel:

Fallen Too Far – Intense, Lies Told, Deceptions Revealed

Never Too Far – Deception, Heartbreak, Surprise Reveal

Fallen Too Far – Dealing with Familial Problems, finding the balance between your new family and your existing family. Putting yourself first and preparing for what life has thrown your way.

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