The Deal – Elle Kennedy

the deal.jpgTitle: The Deal by Elle Kennedy

Genre: New Adult Romance

Pages: 342 

Rating:  4/5 






Synopsis:  Goodreads Synopsis Click Here

Hannah Wells is hooked on her crush Justin, the only problem. He barely knows she exists therefore in order to get his attention she will need to step out of her comfort zone and try something new. Something that revolves trusting Garret Graham, the hockey star extraordinaire, totally hot and totally a pest. He want’s Hannah’s help in tutoring in exchange for helping her bag her guy. Although things don’t exactly go to plan.


The Deal is my first experience with  author Elle Kennedy and I can safely say I really liked it. The Deal isn’t your normal New Adult Romance novel, it features deep subject matter that is fully interwoven within the story, Elle Kennedy doesn’t lightly touch upon it and then simply leave it as that. We experience these subjects deeply through our main characters and we learn about their pasts and how it has shaped them to who they are now as well as how it still effects them. (I refuse to be Spoiler Sue and ruin this story by telling you what this subject matter is as it is a large part of the story).

But don’t let the strong subject matter put you off because this book is also pretty hilarious, the back and forth banter shared between Hannah and Garret is truly funny and it had be cracking up a few times. Their relationship isn’t cheesy and when anything cheesy is mentioned they acknowledge it themselves or argue how corny they sounded.

The Deal alternates between chapters from Hannah’s POV to Garrets POV therefore allowing us as readers to fully experience a rounded story as we are able to see what both characters are thinking and how they interpret a situation.

A common criticism people have about New Adult Romances is that their story line is cast aside and just focuses on throwing in the Sexual aspect. However The Deal does not do that, Kennedy focuses on the story line and its importance and the Sex that is featured is actually part of the story line and for a reason. It serves a purpose.

Elle Kennedy has done a fantastic job to create a book that features so many different styles from Romance to Comedy and the serious aspects all mixed in. Definitely worth checking out.

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6 thoughts on “The Deal – Elle Kennedy

  1. Hey, Hannah. I just wanted to congratulate you on your review of The Deal. No spoilers and yet you highlighted every aspect of why The Deal is a great book, such as Book 2 of the Off-campus series, The Mistake (and soon, Book 3, The Score). Job well done 😉


  2. Excellent review of ‘The Deal’! You’ve echoed my sentiments exactly! Regarding your blog – it’s very easy to follow. The pages are neat and clean without a lot of clutter which I find on most of these blogs. I don’t like to weed through clutter to get to what I want. Keep it up!!! When I have a chance I will peruse the rest of your posts.

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