Covenant Series – Jennifer L. Armentrout

Covenant Series – Jennifer L. Armentrout


Rating: 5 Stars

Half blood is about a girl called Alex who has been running away from her former life at the Covenant; with her mother for the past three years. Daimons are chasing them down as they live for the Aether which lies within Alex who is a half blood and her mother who is a pure blood. Alex’s Mother walks in on her mothers death and now she must return back to the very place her mother took her from, the place she’s been running from. The Covenant. 

Half Blood is the first book within the Convenant series and it opened my eyes to the wonderful writing of Jennifer. L Armentrout, prior to this the only book I had read by her was Frigid. A young adult romance, therefore I wasn’t sure what to expect for this book and series… I was pleasantly surprised.

I’m trying to reign in my thoughts in order to make this less of me spewing compliment after compliment about this series and attempt to give you real information about the series itself.

Each book is as good as the last, if not better. There is no ‘weak link’ within this series; a trait you often find with many other series where one book isn’t as good as the rest. However Jennifer. L Armentrout keeps her writing as detailed and witty as it was from the get go, she doesn’t draw out moments and by doing this she keeps us forever on our toes. The series itself is not in the slightest predictable, you never know what will happen next or even who will die.

I chose to read Half Blood after The Vampire Academy series as I was hopelessly having withdrawal symptoms from Rose and Dimitri therefore it’s probably why I found this series very similar to that. There was the wonderful element of the trainer/trainee relationship mixed in with the will they, won’t they? I love this element as of course it adds the romantic side to the book but because its forbidden or deemed ‘wrong’ in the eyes of their society we are forever guessing as to what will happen next in terms of this relationship and it gives the characters another obstacle to overcome.

Additionally to this, if you are a Young Adult Fiction fan you will also be able to draw comparisons to the Percy Jackson series as this series also contains Greek Mythology, Olympus and Demi- Gods. It feels like Jennifer has gone through some of my favourite book series and took the greatest bits and mixed them with her own words to create the ultimate book.

There are so many characteristics to each of this books; from Action, Paranormal/Supernatural, Romance and Dystopian Elements. Not to mention the comedy we can feel through Seth/Aiden, Seth/Alex and Caleb’s banterous relationships.

Of course a true romance theme isn’t full without a third party thrown in the mix, therefore we have the Love Triangle Element between Seth, Aiden and Alex. One who she is destined to be with via the gods and one her heart desires. The inclusion of such themes gives the real life element which allows us as readers to identify with the main characters in this fantasy world.

The Covenant Series contains a total of 5 books; there is also a Prequel and an Novella on top of this;

  1. Daimon (PREQUEL)
  2. Half Blood
  3. Pure
  4. Deity
  5. Elixir (NOVELLA)
  6. Apollyon
  7. Sentinel 


  • If you love young adult series such as The Vampire Academy and Percy Jackson series then you will enjoy Half Blood because of the similar traits it shares
  • New Adult Readers as well as Adult readers may also enjoy the series because of the Romantic Element. Personally i’m 21 so that’s showing that any age range will enjoy this book!
  • A series full of Action, Romance, Comedy, Paranormal, Supernatural elements.
  • 5 Star recommendation.


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(My Next review will be another book/series by Jennifer L. Armentrout – Lux Series. Obsidian.)

To learn more about Jennifer. L Armentrout’s novels then be sure to also check out her GoodReads Page by following the link or by clicking here…





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