Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins

Sweet evilSweet Evil by Wendy Higgins is the first book in the Sweet Trilogy which is easily my favorite trilogy I have read this year.

The story follows Anna Whitt, a young southern girl born with a sixth sense of being able to see and and feel other peoples emotions. Adopted at a young age, Anna knows she is different but she doesn’t understand why, nor does she know that she isn’t alone. It isn’t until Anna turns 16 when she meets Kaiden Rowe, a terribly handsome drummer that she learns that there are others somewhat like her and thus begins Anna’s journey to find out her heritage.

Wendy Higgins has created a paranormal world which focuses on a group of teenagers who are sons and daughters of demons, there role in life is to be bad influences. Each teen has their own specialty in which they must work, this aspect of the novel is unlike anything else I have read before therefore to me it is very original as well as being a new and exciting concept.

Additionally to this Wendy Higgins takes on a contemporary writing style through the telling of her novel, one which is easy to consume yourself in and relate with. Although her world is paranormal focused she incorporates so many aspects that are surrounding our everyday world, she incorporates really hardcore subjects such as Sexual Abuse and Sex Trafficking therefore drawing attention to these matters.

I can’t help but give Sweet Evil a 5 star rating, I loved the concept of the novel and I couldn’t put it down. Finding a book I can easily get into, one which I find myself wanting to continue to read and not put down until i’ve finished is what I love about reading and Wendy Higgins brings so many aspects to Sweet Evil that it is a lovely addition to the Young Adult Genre, one which I would highly recommend. Furthermore I particularly enjoyed the Good Girl and Bad Boy relationship between Anna and Kaiden and the constant burning question of Will they or Won’t they we faced in each moment they shared together.

Sweet Evil is the first book in The Sweet Trilogy, which is ultimately a Good VS Evil, Angels VS Demons story. However along the way Higgins incorporates numerous elements to her story including Romance, Religion, Fantasy and Paranormal aspects. I personally fell in love with Kaiden and Anna’s relationship, at first I was a little wary of Anna’s character because I assumed she was going to be this boring religious character who wouldn’t venture from what she knows. But throughout the story as a character she opens up more and more coming to terms with what she is, how her life is going to change as well as how her future will pan out becoming a strong female heroine.

More over, one aspect of the book which I really liked was the Road Trip element, I really enjoyed Kaiden’s and Anna’s moments alone in the car, learning more about Kaiden’s life and Anna’s heritage through his thoughts as well as the way it blossomed their relationship… (the sexual tension is clearly strong).

I sincerely recommend reading Sweet Evil for yourself, in fact if you have read The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare then I believe you may like this book for yourself. They both incorporate so many of the same elements most notably the concept of demons in the world. If you would like to try out Sweet Evil please find the following links which will be useful to you:

Amazon – Sweet Evil

Good Reads – Sweet Evil

Book Depository – Sweet Evil

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