Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

chamber of secrets 1   Following on from Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone which saw Harry thrown into the deep end of the magic community, learning of his magical talents, becoming a new student at Hogwarts and coming face to face with the very man who killed his parents; Voldemort. Harry is about to start his second year.

Although he runs into a House Elf named Dobby who is very determined in making sure Harry does not return to Hogwarts for some reason. Harry’s second year is just as exciting as the first, featuring new characters, J.K Rowling further ignites your love for Hogwarts and Harry Potter with his next journey.

Futhermore J.K Rowling’s writing is brilliant, she changes her writing style slightly by featuring past and present. On a few occasions within this novel we see flashbacks to ‘Tom Riddle’s’ Childhood at Hogwarts, his run in with a young Hagrid and his experiences of Hogwarts when the Chamber of Secrets was first opened.

We also learn more about Hogwarts as a whole within this novel, how the school began and the first original members who set up the school. Additionally to this we experience the prejudice of those who are not ‘pure bloods’ through Draco and Hermione. Therefore even though Harry Potter is a wizarding world, J.K Rowling shows Hogwarts in a way that many children can relate to through the bullying character of Draco. Every school has a bully, by doing this it is clear to some extent why Harry Potter is so popular as the characters are so relatable. Whilst offering the chance to throw yourself into a fantasy novel as an escape she incorporates characteristics in which we can see in our normal world.

chamber of secretsI would give Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 5/5 stars. The story is just as captivating as the first, I struggled to be able to put this down. Watching the films before reading the books does not hinder your reading experience in anyway as the books offer so much more detail to the story.

In terms of the Physical Book itself; Bloomsbury Publishing has done an amazing job on these new covers for the series. The book covers have a matte finish to them and the writing is in Gold Foil which stands out of the cover. These are definitely without a doubt my favorite editions, the artwork is simply exquisite and the colours are so vibrant they really look lovely on your bookshelf.

If you are interested in the Harry Potter series then Bloomsbury publishing have set up their own section of their website specifically for Harry Potter.

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